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Jai Ho

Salman Khan returns to cinemas after a year and a half with Jai Ho, a remake of the Telugu film Stalin. If the promos are any indication, we have a typical Khan blockbuster film to look forward to, replete with action, music and drama. Three different music directors – Armaan Malik, Devi Sri Prasad and Sajid-Wajid – have composed the music of Jai Ho.

Baaki sab first class hai (Wajid) is a satirical number sung aggressively by Wajid and composed by Sajid-Wajid. The lyrics are interesting and mock the current socio-political scenario of our country. The song is a fun listen too but after a point, the incessant and loud dhol beats will get to you.

Love ballad Tere naina maar hi daalenge (Shaan, Shreya Ghoshal) is sweet but terribly formulaic. It’s almost like an extension of similar songs (Chori kiya re, dagabaaz re, Saamne hain sawera) composed by the duo in films like Dabanng, Dabanng 2 and Bullet Raja.

Sajid-Wajid rope in fellow composer and singer Himesh Reshammiya to deliver the garba dance number Photocopy. The lyrics, a mix of Hindi and a smattering of Gujarati, are ridiculous but rendered enthusiastically by Reshammiya and Palak Mucchal.  Enjoyable till it lasts.

Tumko toh aana hi tha (Armaan Malik, Marianne D’Cruz Aiman, Altamash Faridi) is a soft, romantic number by debutant composer Amal Malik. He creates a sweet, contemporary tune and then needlessly adds classical twists and operatic-style interludes, which kind of ruins the overall impact. The remix version Love you till the end, with its banal English lyrics, is downright cheesy. Malik also composes the techno-heavy title track Jai ho (Armaan Malik, Wajid, Brijesh Shandilya), a short, slightly inane number. Telugu composer Devi Sri Prasad’s lone composition Naacho re (Ujjayinee) is fusion gone wrong!

Verdict: Strictly for Bhai fans

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