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Jawaani Jaaneman Movie Review: Form is Temporary, Class is Permanent!!' Saif, Safely Justifying It To Be All True

Star Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Alaya Furniturewalla, Tabu, Kubbra Sait

Producer: Pooja Entertainment,Northern Light Films and Black Knight Films

Director: Nitin Kakkar.


In bollywood there are numerous actors who have played the playboy-persona onscreen and while some being the same in real life, we see some of the actors totally disappearing into the role and becoming a 'Swaggy-Player'. Saif Ali Khan is the one who totally outcasts everyone when it comes to Urban-Playboy-Casanova genre. He can truly be called as the Nawab of this genre. We have seen and thoroughly loved him in this avatar in his past movies like Cocktail (2012) , Happy Ending (2014), Kal ho na ho (2003), Hum-Tum (2004), Love Aaj Kal (2009). With Jawaani Jaaneman, Saif is back again in his forte-avtaar!

The movie focusses on Jaswinder Singh aka Jazz played by Saif Ali Khan-The Shameless Flirt!, Who is in his mid 40's living a lavishly chilling life in London as a bachelor who loves to party, dance, drink, get laid down into physical relationships with no strings attached.

The cheerfully happy life of Jazz, working in the family business of real estate and enjoying the evergreen boyish fun life takes a sudden sharp horrifying U-turn when he hits into Tia, played by the debutante Alaya Furniturewalla, a 21 year old girl who claims to be his daughter.Later crosses paths with his ex-girlfriend, Tia's Mother Ananya played by Tabu, Who authenticates the claim of Jazz being the father to be true. How Jazz handles the gravity of the situation? Will he responsibly accept his daughter Tia? What roller coaster ride Jazz's life experiences? Will he become responsible father or continue to live his free-spirited life? is the premise of the movie Jawaani Jaaneman.

The award-winning director, Nitin Kakkar, who is best known for his critically acclaimed debut movie Filmistaan (2012), has handled the movie brilliantly well with some much-needed creative freedom. The portrayal of the emotional conflicts that each character faces, 

at no point does the portrayal feels exaggerated or too filmy, every things seems to be all real and relatable. Beautifully backed with the very well written dialogues by Abbas dalal are very funny, free-flowing and witty; even outrageous with lines like-- "Main Guard Ke Bina Batting Hi Nahi Karta"; "Sher tab tak raja hota hai jab tak akela hota hai".

The music of the movie is all charged and chartbusting. The blast from the past, Ole Ole 2.0 song is the audience gathering highlight of the movie. The original Ole Ole song from the movie  Yeh Dillagi (1994) where the young Saif made everyone dance. 26 years later, the actor attempts to recreate the same magic with Ole Ole 2.0 and HOW!! Tight T-shirt, Swaggy Shades, A huge tattoo on his wrist. Saif Ali Khan has aged like a fine-wine! Another remake song  'Gallan Kardi' is equally heart thumping. While Ole Ole 2.0 and Gallan Kardi are right on top; Bandhu Tu Mera and Mera Baabula are stirring and soulful.

What lacs in the movie is the screenplay and the scene flow-arrangement. The Most talked about Ole Ole 2.0 Song is placed right at the start of the movie with the on going credits. We strongly felt it should had been placed somewhere at the middle of the movie where the story starts to dip a bit, the song would have taken the story and excitement to the peak level.

Saif-Allaya meet up and the relevations, this polt of the movie could have been delayed. The makers could have invested few more minutes in the character development of the Playboy-Casanova, Jazz. The Character of Tia's boyfriend could have been used in a better way.


Talking about the performances:

The strongest part of this film are undoubtedly the performances and the chemistry shared between the various actors.

Saif, The Nawab of bollywood, with his role selection over the years has proved what a versatile actor he his. Recently this month we saw him in Tanhaaji:The Unsung Warrior (2020) at his menacing best as ruthless and cunning Mughal commander Udaybhan Rathore and now, few weeks later we see him in an breezy commercial Comedy, Jawaani Jaaneman and he his so damn good! Its said 'Form is Temporary, Class is Permanent!' Saif, Safely Justifying It To Be All True.

The nuances, the comic timing, the urban vibes,Jaswinder Singh aka Jazz is just made for saif role! Saif potrays the effortless charm in and as Jazz. He his a delight to watch throughout.

Tia played by Allaya, the debutante is the daughter of the beautiful actress Pooja Bedi and the grand daughter of the veteran actor Kabir Bedi, has portrayed her naturally composed acting skills. There is a sense of ease in her presence and dialogue delivery. Bashing all the nepotism waves, her acting seems to be really promising.

The father-daughter duo chemistry between Saif and allaya will keep you glued throughout the movie.

Tabu, the another actress who has aged gracefully over the years, plays the role of Tia's Mother brilliantly well. She has a short Cameo role which is introduced to the viewers later in the second half of the movie has perfectly justified the character of Ananya, who talks about chakras and postive energy, leaves her mark in the movie.The scenes of Saif and Tabu are hilarious and make a lot of laughs.

Kubbra Sait who plays a supporting character in the movie as Saif's hairstylist, is equally good in her role. She his naturally funny in the movie.

Other veteran actors like Kumad mishra as Jazz's brother, Farida Jalal as Jazz's Mother has played their respective roles efficiently.

Over-all Jawaani Jaaneman, is a wholesome family movie, a fun comic take on how a man confronts his realities. The movie serves many special messages along with a natural comedy. It moves forward, quoting lessons of love, family, relatives and reliability.

Jawaani Jaaneman is surely a frothy, candy-floss confection which shouldn't be skipped.


Stars: 3

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