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Jayasurya impresses with Njan Marykutty

Main stream actors dressing up as women on screen has most often been for comedy. But Jausurya dons the female garb to tell a compelling story of a transperson. The actor plays the lead role in the recently released Njan Marykutty.

Directed by Ranjith Shankar, the movie starts with the transformation of Mathukutty into Marykutty. Throughout the film Jayasurya lives and breathes the character of Mary. He is not a man dressed in drag. The actor manages to adapt the subtle nuances of a woman, her movement and mannerisms.

Njan Marykutty is the sixth movie that Ranjith and Jayasurya have collaborated for. Their association began in 2013 with Punyalan Agarbattis. This was followed by Su Su Sudhi Vathmeekam, Pretham and Punyalan Private Limited, which was Jayasurya's 100th film. The actor made cameo appearance in Ramante Edanthottam.

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