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Right now, she’s gearing up for a festive X’Mas in London, even as sharp tongues cackle about her disappearance from B-town. It’s been conjectured that she wants to quit, try her kismat in Hollywood, and that she’s seen in the background with Shahid Kapoor in Chance Pe Dance… but then so was Kareena Kapoor visible in a scene in Kaho Na... Pyaar Hai after she had been made to exit by Rakesh Roshan. Jiah Khan returns to Mumbai next month, with at least two high-profile movie projects she has given the thumbs-up to, and a stack of scripts still to read. So all those heroines who have been spreading anti-Jiah stories just need to be told one thing. Don’t be J please, there’s room for everyone. If Jiah returns with a cool new look and attitude, it’s because this time, she is going for the big kill.

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