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Singer Divya Kumar has the audience grooving to his latest number, Laaj sharam. Kumar talks to Bhakti Mehta about the journey of the song

The songs of Veere Di Wedding have been topping the charts and the latest one, Laaj sharam, is keeping up with the trend. Talking about the song, singer Divya Kumar says, “Actually, this is a song that was created a few years ago, when I was assisting Sachin and Jigar. The song was pitched to many producers but it didn’t work out then. The words ‘laaj sharam’ existed from the very beginning. The song has travelled a lot and it finally reached the makers of Veere Di Wedding. A few lines in the beginning were changed to suit the narrative of the film and it flows very well now. I am glad that people like it.”

On the idea behind the punch line, Kumar reveals, “The idea of Laaj sharam came from the fact that these words have been used by women, especially older women, and we wanted to tell the women of today to just leave all the laaj sharam behind and dance. It does not really give out a message but, yes, it does talk about how a woman comes into her own.”

He adds, “Some of the lyrics in the original version were tweaked. The song was originally sung in a male voice. It was changed to suit the story. Jasleen Royal has sung the female part and she is a very talented musician and a good singer.”

Kumar also offers his opinion on the rap in the song and the culture that inspires it. “I am a big believer of original compositions. When this song was created, the rap section was not a part of it. That was added later. Rap is in vogue right now and helps connect with the youth, which is the audience for numbers like this. I think that was the idea behind putting that part in.

“I honestly don’t know what kind of impact it creates in a song but I am sure it helps. Some songs are made to be promotional; some songs are not part of the narrative but are there to enhance the movie. There are times when a film is not a hit but the songs are. I don’t know if the songs help in this scenario but the commercialisation helps to gain attention from the audience,” he remarks.

Shedding light on his latest work, Kumar says, “I have two songs in Parmanu: The Story Of Pokhran which are based on the patriotic theme, once again with Sachin-Jigar. There are a few other upcoming films which I am excited about and there is also my independent music which I am working on.”

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