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Pan Nalin’s upcoming Hindi film Angry Indian Goddesses is up for release. The film, which is all about female bonding, is a rollercoaster ride with myriad emotions and many a spilled secret as an impromptu bachelorette party gets underway. This week, Pavleen Gujral shares her experience during the making of this film. Over to her:

On Bagging The Role

I am a model and, lately, I have been working as a media consultant where I host shows and events. One of my friends told me about the film and suggested that I audition for it. She said it didn’t matter whether I bagged the part or not; I should just try. So I went and it was nothing like an audition, it was just conversations. I chatted with the director, who wanted to know something about me as a human being. After a few days, I learnt that I was doing the film.

On Her Character

I play Pamela Jaswal, a character who is pretty close to me as a person because she is a scholar. I too have studied a lot and have studied law and computer engineering. She is the most relatable character in the film. She wears expensive clothes, she goes to kitty parties, and she is obsessive about looking pretty.

On Workshop

Those workshops were custom made for us. We had a lot of exercises to do, like meditation and yoga. We had to learn to let go of ourselves during those sessions. The theory behind Dilip’s workshops was that we had to go through our own personality traits and face our personal demons so that we can work on it. That’s why he got all of us talk about our personal lives, our personal demons and things we are coping with, to let the emotions out. We also worked on character bonding. Anushka and my character play best friends. So the director gave us a back story, where we have been friends since college. So during the workshops, we played out scenes like Anushka meeting me for the first time in college, to see how she would react.

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