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Just Like Me

Manjari Fadniss talks about her chemistry not just with Kapil Sharma but also with the other co-actresses while working on Kis Kisko Pyaar Karu, and how their roles are in sync with their real life personas

On Bagging KKPK

I had previously met Abbas-Mustan sir for a film. That film didn’t work out but they kept me in mind and approached me while making this film. What surprised me was that they didn’t ask for an audition. I was straightaway offered the film.

Among Four

The film is about Kapil and his four girls, so the writer has sketched equal roles for every girl. It’s not that Simran has a bigger role than Sai or me. Each one of us has our own songs and space. There was no scope to feel left out or to get overshadowed.

On Acting Opposite Kapil Sharma

You never knew what he would say next. When we started shooting, he would be in a regular zone and then suddenly come up with a humorous line. And I would go blank, thinking, ‘Was that the line?’ Over time, I realised he was just very spontaneous. So we learnt to react while working with Kapil as acting is all about reacting.

On Abbas-Mustan

We didn’t do a workshop, as such. Every day, they used to narrate the scene we were to shoot and we used to practice before the shoot. The best thing about them is that they are very down-to-earth and would incorporate something new in every take.

The Perfect Casting

The roles we are playing are in sync with our personalities. You know, Sai is like a traditional housewife, Simran is very stylish and I am this bubbly kind of girl. So I believe Abbas-Mustan sir cast us after taking our individual personalities into account. Even Elli, who plays the girlfriend, is a very sweet and easygoing person.

All Excited

To be honest, when I told my mother that I had signed this film where I star opposite Kapil Sharma, she was so excited and asked me if I would be going to his show. He is a household name whom everyone loves. So the curiosity around the film is very high, all because of him.

Response So Far

The response to the trailer has been outstanding, and I keep getting messages on various social networking sites. It’s overwhelming that people like the promo so much. I already knew that the buzz around Kapil’s film would be huge and it’s growing every day. I hope the audience will love watching the film.

On Chemistry

Apart from our chemistry with Kapil, we didn’t have to work on our chemistry with each other as it worked for us from the very first day. We bonded on the sets big time and when you watch the film, you will understand what I mean.

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