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#JusticeForSushant vs #JusticeForRhea: Celebs stand divided, hope for the truth to come out soon

The Sushant Singh death case has become nothing less than a thriller mystery film plot. With Rhea Chakraborty's arrest in the drug peddling case, it seems there are so many layers still hidden in the case. And while a few of the celebrities have spoken in favour of Rhea and have supported the #JusticeForRhea campaign, others are still standing by #JusticeForSushant. Let's see what celebs have to say about it:

Amal Sehrawat: I have full faith in our judiciary and investigating agencies. And I am sure they are not leaving any stone unturned. If any charges including drug peddling are proved then the judiciary will definitely set an example by punishing all the culprits so that no one else ever dares to repeat anything similar.

Shivani Gosain: Really sad that a young dynamic talent died like this. I never met him or worked with him but came to know about his unique personality, such a genius boy he was. Murdered or created such a situation to force him to take such drastic steps, both is a crime and culprits should be punished. His case has become a global concern and so many things are getting mixed up. I pray that his death and his family should get closure and true justice so that his soul rests in peace.

Vijayendra Kumeria: I am personally of the opinion that one is not guilty until proven guilty in the court of law, with the investigative agencies doing their job the truth shall come out. I am not in support of any media trials or people passing judgements on social media, there should be justice for all.

Savi Thakur: Yes definitely Rhea is not alone in this, there are so many big names linked to his murder and the culprit will also get arrested, but I think the main offenders behind this murder are still free. The CBI has begun the process by arresting her and more layers will open soon. The investigation is still going on. I don't know who all are running this campaign, but seriously #JusticeForRhea, I feel sorry for such people who want to save a culprit. Someone has lost his young son and Rhea is totally involved so what justice are you talking about? Just open your eyes and ask #JusticeForSushant.

Subuhii Joshii: Rhea Chakraborty's case has been the most controversial case in recent times. Whatever reports, chats and videos have been circulated recently, it seems she is definitely connected with drug peddlers and she's been an important part of the circuit which was involved in some illegal activities for long. Her arrest was done on some really solid ground and I am hundred percent sure that there are innumerable layers in the case which will open in coming days. As far as #JusticeForRhea campaign is concerned, my opinion is that everyone is free to voice his or her opinion. There are always two sides of a coin and if in Sushant's case some people are voicing for Rhea, I am fine with it. Three big, reputed agencies are involved in this case, so whatever facts and truth are hidden inside will be dug by them. I strongly believe that Sushant Singh's father, sisters and also millions of fans need closure.

Kettan Singh: The 9 p.m. debates should be renamed Band Baaja Baarat for a few low life high TRP channels that are running a high BP, third grade anxiety circus, to find justice for SSR. The SSR case has multiple layers, and the worst is when some channels ride on conspiracy theories that they can't prove at all, but can make roof cracking TRPs of it. In Rhea's case they didn't find any evidence of money laundering, abetment to suicide or killing SSR, she was finally arrested for possessing 59 grams of Marijuana, and it was celebrated by some media channels because the agenda was to arrest her no matter what. Justice for SSR has definitely not been served yet, but I hope justice is given to the one who is guilty by media trial.

Pranitaa Pandit: The way things have unfolded it’s been really unfortunate especially in this Sushant Singh Rajput case. I am sure there is lot to it and it is not what it looks like, and over a period of time the case itself has proven that every time we think about it in a different way there is a new angle to it. I am really just praying and hoping that justice prevails and we get to know the truth behind the entire thing. As far as justice for this Rhea campaign is concerned, I really feel that the media has been too harsh on her, because she has still not being proven guilty yet. The arrest is going to give them more time to get the truth out regarding the case. Just hoping in one way or the other justice should prevail and we should get to know the truth and the real reason behind his suicide.

Urvashi Upadhyay Sharle: From Sushant's death till now many new things came forward. After investigation it came to the point of drug and Rhea's name came forward and she was arrested. Now a new campaign has started 'justice for Rhea', so I think the focus is being diverted from what happened to Sushant. The culprits should be punished and people are still in shock and curious to know if it was a suicide or murder and if suicide then what is the reason behind it so I think instead of all these movements justice for truth campaign should be run. We wish that truth should prevail.

Rohit Choudhary: Sushant Singh Rajput's story after his death is like a film. Someone provoked him to do such a thing or someone forced him to take drugs whether it was Rhea, her brother or his manager and now we don’t know that was Sushant was asking for it or they were giving it to him. Whatever is the reason we will get to know it after the investigation. In Bollywood mostly everyone takes drugs and it is used all over the world. When people say lie it creates confusion and one day or the other truth will be revealed. Because of this drugs matter I don’t want the case to get diverted, they should focus on the main matter that is Sushant's death. We want to know the reason behind it.

Khushbhoo Kamal: I am very happy that Rhea is arrested atleast we have taken one step forward to give him justice. We want the truth behind his death. The main culprit is still free and the kind of support Mumbai police is giving to Rhea is absolutely shameful. I am shocked to see that we have so much drug peddlers in our Bollywood. If Rhea is saved which means that she has involvement with some big people in Bollywood. I want Rhea to be in jail for a longer time. Now Sushant's death mystery has taken a back seat and I don’t want the actually case to go under the sand. We want to know the reason behind such a talented boy's death and the culprit should get the death sentence.

Amit Sarin: What really shocks me is that when our country is going through the biggest crisis as a pandemic, where migrant workers can't manage one meal for their family, the economy is sinking by the day to its lowest GDP drop ever since Independence, COVID cases are only increasing by the day,  and the focus of most of the media is on modern day mob lynching of one girl - Rhea, who my friend Shushant was in love with.  Anybody who knew him even a little bit would surely say he would have never imagined this kind of treatment to his love. However, there are some questions in mind: Entire E.D is behind a case where Rs. 15 Cr was transferred from one account to another, the whole NCB is after figuring out the 56 grams of marijuana in question, and regarding Rhea, even one line of sympathy towards her has an army on Twitter slamming that person, who is orchestrating it and paying them? We Indians had higher values, moral compasses than this, we believed in judiciary and had a patient approach before we let any news channel hold a personal trial for TRP’s and to become number one. We must collectively think deep to showcase that if we were once known as a nation who believed in non-violence, peace and harmony. Are we still on that path?

Angad Hasija: We started with #JusticeForSSR and now most of us are seeking #JusticeForRhea. What is happening in the country now is beyond my belief? I understand that there are so many layers to this whole controversy, but I just don't want it to deviate from the main issue, which gave way to all these findings. And honestly, what is this #JusticeForRhea campaign, she was arrested for drug peddling, and has even named other Bollywood celebrities, then what justice are they asking for. She was found guilty of something and so was arrested. Why are they speaking for her, where were all these people when Sushant was found dead.

Avinash Mukherjee: I have full faith on CBI and their investigation, and the case is revealing new details every day. And I am all for #JusticeForSSR, but what is this new #JusticeForRhea, she was arrested by the NCB under drug peddling charges, that means she was found guilty, so what kind of justice is everyone asking for. I know that when media mobbed her on her way to the NCB office, it was wrong, but after that what justice? Also, it's good that they are trying to find more links to drug, but let's not deviate from our main motive that was justice for Sushant. 


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