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Kaalankaandi Already In Profit

In times when filmmakers are spending astronomical sums on making and then marketing their films, here’s a production that could teach filmmakers some simple but effective math. The upcoming film Kaalakaandi, a production venture by Cinestaan, has been made on a tight budget of Rs 7 crore. Since the film is targeted at a niche audience, only a modest sum has been set aside to market the movie. How much? Well, the makers have managed to create just the right buzz among the target audience by smartly spending just Rs 4 crore on promotional activities. That’s a total budget of Rs 11 crore.

And the interesting part is that the music, satellite and digital rights of Kaalakaandi have already been sold for, yes, you guessed it, Rs 11 crore. Since the producers have already recovered their entire investment, the profit earned from ticket sales will be just that – pure profit.

Now that’s what we call a smart play!

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