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Kangna Ranaut

“Awards Make Me  Feel Special”


Ever since the National Awards were announced, there have been compliments galore. The news took me completely by surprise. It is something I will cherish forever. The moment I collect the award will be permanently etched in my memory.

Fashion was a great film and Madhur is one of the most talented directors I have worked with. He deserves all the credit.

I got to know that I had won when Madhur called to convey the news. At first, I didn’t believe it. I said, “You are joking, aren’t you?” He told me to turn on the TV and see for myself. It was only after I saw various channels announcing Priyanka’s win and my win, that I believed it!

You never do a film keeping awards in mind though they give you a sense of achievement. It’s all about making a good film that the audience can enjoy. As an actor, I put my heart and soul into acting. It was quite a challenge to play Shonali Gujral, my character in Fashion. When I look back, I sympathise with her completely.

Awards and compliments appreciating my work make me feel nice. It makes me feel special. Also, it is quite a privilege to win a National Award because that’s the oldest recognition and the most honoured any actor can achieve. What’s more, the President of the country honours you and that makes it extra, extra special!

It’s been an emotional moment for my family. Tears welled up in my father’s eyes when he heard the news. He said, “You’re just 22, it is really incredible to achieve so much so soon!” My mother is happy with the way I have managed myself here. I want my parents to be with me. I am making arrangements for them to be with me here in Mumbai.

My family and friends are all thrilled. The bouquets haven’t stopped pouring in and my house is filled with beautiful flowers. And there are chocolates too. A celebration is in the air for sure.
I am looking forward to the awards function in Delhi soon. It will be quite exciting to be with the Fashion team once again! Madhur, Priyanka, Mugdha and I all had a wonderful time making this film. It would not have been the same without any one of them. I look forward to working with everyone again.

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