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Kartik Aaryan shares good news as he drops the new episode of Koki Poochega with Kerala superhero Nooh Bava

After a great deal of deliberation Kartik Aaryan has trimmed his beard and is back in his sexy avatar. With his sexy avatar, the actor drops the new episode of his hit series Koki Poochega and surprises his fans with some good news. 

Kartik Aaryan took to his Instagram account to announce the release of the 5th episode of the internet breaking Koki Poochega. He announced the new episode in a quirky manner in which he is seen in his clean-shave avatar, telling us that his fans voted for clean-shave avatar over the bearded one. And how the former option won by ‘kinchuk’ margin over the latter. Now we wonder what does kinchuk means as he points out to his sister who’s writing ‘sexy is back’ on a blackboard. Aaryan even shares some good news as he tells us how Indians across world are being safely brought back to the country and it’s surely a relief for the citizens to be back home. The young actor has taken upon himself to share some good news amidst these difficult times and keep the netizens and viewers feel-good. And speaking of good news, his latest guest on Koki Poochega is a true-blue good Samaritan. The actor has interviewed Kerala’s new-found superhero IAS officer, Nooh Bava. The man with his instant decision making skills, helped to stop the spread of the pandemic in his district, when he learnt that few of the residents in his area were already infected by the virus. The interview is super-interesting and Kartik Aaryan does a brilliant job. He begins the episode with Rahul Subramanian, a stand-up comedy to infuse more energy in this good-vibes filled episode. Without revealing much, check out the latest episode on his YouTube channel and be prepared to be entertained. 

Kartik Aaryan is known for his wit and humour and we love how the heartthrob of the nation makes us feel so good even in these difficult times and at the same time impart some good and right knowledge about the pandemic. Kartik Aaryan is truly a superhero, as he’s giving it his all to help the nation fight COVID 19. The actor even contributed Rs 1 crore to PM CARES Relief Funds and his great move was hailed by all. Hats off to the young gun of Bollywood.

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