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Keeping It Currant

Singer-turned-actor Jassie Gill speaks to Joanne D’Silva about his latest single Nikle currant and upcoming Bollywood movies

With a film like Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi in his kitty and other big projects coming up, Jassie Gill has not lost focus on his singing career. Talking about his latest single, Nikle currant, he says, “The song was ready a year ago but the shooting was delayed due to the monsoon and I was also occupied elsewhere. We were eagerly waiting for this song to release. It’s finally ready and the response from the audience is overwhelming. Despite the delay, the song has been very well appreciated. I couldn’t ask for more.”

On his collaboration with singer Neha Kakkar for the first time, he says, “Neha and I have been very good friends for four-five years and we’ve been thinking of coming up with a dance number that cuts across the masses but we were not getting any good songs. Then, just last year, Jaani and I made this song along with Sukhi and I sent it to Neha, and she liked it! She said, let’s do this song, it’s nice. We didn’t make this song with anything in specific in mind. It was just a casual conversation between Neha and me. It is probably the first time this style of narration has been used in the industry, where two singers are having their own conversation in it. We had a lot of fun making it since she’s a good friend,” says Gill.

The singer-actor reflects on the difference between singing for a film and a single. “A song is a song. But when it’s a single, then I know that I have to do it on my own. When it’s for a film, then they say, ‘Sing this song for us.’ So there is often a sacrifice when it comes to the feel of the song, sometimes it’s not of your genre. These things happen but it doesn’t happen with me as I do songs which I feel I can sing best.”

Gill adds, “The journey has been great so far. It’s been seven to eight years of working in the Punjabi music industry. I’m very happy with whatever has happened in the last seven years that I have now reached Bollywood and that’s only because of music.”

Gill idolises singer Gurdaas Maan and remarks, “My inspiration in the industry is Gurdaas Maan saab. He’s the only one from the Punjabi music industry who has been working for so many years. Both my father and grandfather have been great fans of his. And future generations will also be fans.”

Talking about future projects, Gill reveals, “After this, there are two music projects that are ready. On November 9, my film Panga will kick off, along with Kangana Ranaut and Fox Star Studios. There a couple more Bollywood projects that will start early next year. Next year will be eventful. Songs are nearly ready, a few in Punjabi as well. As you know, the wedding season is coming up soon. I try to make songs that reach the masses pan-India. Like my previous songs, these songs too can be heard beyond Punjab. That’s what I have in store.”

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