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K.G.F. star Yash spends social distancing, bonding more with his daughter - Watch this adorable video!



And i surrender... P.S " Perks of home quarantine " my t'shirt doesn't agree though  Stay safe everyone 

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K.G.F. star Yash is making the full use of the time he has gotten off, by spending time with his toddler daughter. The social distancing has ensured we spend some great quality time with our family and looks like this adorable video will definitely melt your hearts.

Yash shared a cute unfiltered video on Instagram saying, "And i surrender...P.S " Perks of home quarantine " my t'shirt doesn't agree though 
Stay safe everyone "

This cute video shows how Yash is feeding his little daughter and the best part is even the daughter is feeding him back. She is a little more stubborn and wants to feed her father more and doesn't want to eat much- ahh, loving this bonding time as they enjoy the stay at home. 

This is truly winning hearts all across. Also, this time off is also great for the actor to charge up and resume his shoots, once everything is taken care of. Yash is truly enjoying the perks of being at home and this cute video is garnering immense appreciation.

On the work front, we will be seeing the actor in the second installment of K.G.F. which is all set to release on 23rd October 2020.

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