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Kuchh Praise Ho Jaaye

Here’s some good news for our film folk. It’s about how some actors are trying so hard to befriend other actors. There was a trial of Housefull at Shah Rukh Khan’s residence Mannat on Monday. After watching the film, SRK sent an SMS to Akshay Kumar, applauding his work in the film.

Phir kya? Khiladi Kumar immediately asked his staff to send SRK a gift. Guess what? The gift was from Kumar’s wife Twinkle Khanna’s shop. So what? It’s the gesture that count’s, hai na?

PS: Talking about Shah Rukh Khan, we’re told that in his palatial mansion, Mannat, there’s a large room which contains all the costumes and accessories the actor has ever used during his on-screen life.

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