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Bombing metro train services may be an easy task for terrorists, however making a plausible and interesting film, as one sees in Kurbaan, is not easy at all. Alright, you have a huge budget and a reputed production house to back you, so take the bomb blast theme to U S of A, the terrorists’ dream location! So now you have money, some talented artistes, rated technicians, foreign locations and a free hand. Most of all, you are getting a dream break. Probably, in all that enthusiasm, you forgot the story?

Ehsaan Khan (Saif Ali Khan), a new professor in Delhi University where Avantika (Kareena) teaches Psychology, sweeps her off her feet. But when the question of her going back to New York to continue her job there arises, Saif happily agrees to sacrifice his job and goes with her. In spite of her father’s reservation about her marrying a Muslim boy, she marries him (what was the relevance? I told you so?). On Kareena’s word, he gets a job at the same university. In New York, they settle down in what is described as an Indian neighbourhood, and the only Indians you see is a bunch of shady characters staying across the way. Kareena soon discovers that they just did not look shady; they were, in fact, shady, planning to blow up railway stations in the city. They have killed one revolting family member to keep the secret and now Kareena’s life is in danger. Somehow she manages to convey the secret to Riyaz Khan (Viviek Oberoi), a photo journalist, who could have informed the police and brought the film to an end. But, for the sake of film’s duration, he decides to play Sherlock Holmes.

Writer director Rensil D’Silva manages well till the lead pair is romancing and don’t mind extending their real life feelings on screen. But, once the terrorism part starts, the film loses grip. Everybody, from US authorities, FBI to the audience is taken for granted. There are numerous opportunities to stop the terrorists and their plans but all overlooked in this script of convenience. All Muslim characters in the film mouth same justification for terrorism except that of Viviek Oberoi. What is it; a ploy to placate the Muslim audience? Finally, it gets so that you want them to bomb whatever they planned to bomb and get it over with.

Performance by Saif Ali Khan, till he plays his usual charmer is good. There after he falls victim to the undecided characterisation. Kareena kapoor is a sad looking mannequin after the romance part is over. Viviek Oberoi is okay. Kirron Kher is fairly good. Rest, including Om Puri, are mere caricatures.

Since the maker’s ambition is to make a film of international standards, all efforts are put in to make it visually pleasing. And, in compliance of that, cinematography by Hemant Chadurvedi is very good. Background score is effective. Editing is not up to the mark for no fault of the editor.
The film’s tagline says, “Some love stories have blood written on them”. The commercial prospects of Kurbaan have ‘disappoinment’ written on them.

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