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Kushti is set in an urban background of wrestling with a love story woven around it. The idea seems to cash in on the fame of WWF wrestler Khali and rest of the story concocted around this.

In the village of rival wrestling gurus Om Puri and Sharat Saxena lands Rajpal Yadav and reopens the post office shut down for ages. He falls in love with Nargis, daughter of Sharat Saxena. Now what? To stretch the story further, there is this episode of Rajpal Yadav mixing up the letters meant for the arch rivals, Om Puri and Sharat Saxena, leading to an embarrassing situation for Om Puri. When Rajpal Yadav’s feelings for Nargis are no more a secret, he is asked to wrestle with Khali to win her hand.

With a seasoned star cast, the performances are reasonably good. Direction is passable. Music is functional.

Kushti could have scored some rounds had it been made in Bhojpuri, may be.

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