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After showing his prowess as the supporting actor in the recently released hit film Raid, actor Amit Sial talks to Bhakti Mehta about his journey

How did you come on board this project?

Two very talented people, Abhishek Banerjee and Anmol Ahuja, helped me get this role. We met years ago on another film, kept in touch and became friends. They told me about this role and I auditioned for it. Director Raj Kumar Gupta liked my audition and that’s how it happened.

How was this role described to you at first?

When I was selected for the role, they told me that my character Lallan was likeable but irritating. I read the script and he seemed like a common man who was trying to survive.

Your character goes through a transformation, from negative to positive.

I don’t think my character was ever negative. He was not a bad guy. He was just a simple, normal man who was raised in a certain kind of economy, where the government taught him to do what he did. He was just living his life except that he was not doing it ethically. Then he comes across a man who does the right thing, he believes in him and aspires to be the kind of person he really wants to be.

How did you manage to balance your character with subtle humour?

I didn’t play my character with the intention of being humorous. If you are going through a tough time, there’s a good chance you will laugh at it in hindsight. That’s the kind of humour in the film. It’s the kind of humour that we use every day. I was trying to be a part of situations, in the movie, that were not really funny for the characters but that were funny for the audience.

And what kind of feedback have you received for your performance?

The response has been great. The movie is doing very well and people have been praising me for my work. I have got some messages from people in the industry as well. For the audience to have understood my graph, what Lallan is all about, why he did what he did, is the real victory.

What was the atmosphere like on the set?

It was very professional. I was working with strong actors like Ajay Devgn and Saurabh Shukla, who are very good at their craft. And, yes, when you spend so much time with certain people, you develop affiliations with each other. There is a sense of affection. It was a joy to work with a talented director like Raj Kumar Gupta.

Byline – Suranjana Biswas

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