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The Lion King: Shreyas Talpade says it was an honour to be part of the film

Pic credit: Shreyas Talpade's Instagram.

Anyone who has been a fan of The Lion King has loved Timon and Pumbaa as much as Simba and Mufasa. In its Hindi version, the film has Shreyas Talpade giving voice to Timon, the meerkat. Giving it a total desi twist, Shreyas used the Mumbaiya lingo to add a special zing to the character. 

Talpade shared his experience working on it and said  “The Lion King is a timeless classic and it’s an honour for me to be a part of it. For my character, we worked on the Mumbai slang through relatable terms that are funny and yet non-offensive. It is a family entertainer and we wanted to maintain that in every dialogue. "

The timeless classic is also known for its iconic song Hakuna matata. Speaking of the song he said, "The icing on the cake was getting to sing the iconic song Hakuna matata.

Sources close to him have revealed that he worked very hard on the voice modulation in order to get the tone and emotion across perfectly. Being a perfectionist, Shreyas was fairly nervous about getting it right, but the character of Timon made the job easier. This is his first-ever dubbing experience, but looks like the actor has nailed it.

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-Rani Bohra.

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