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Location Hunt

  • Romance, Anyone?

    Spain’s Tenerife is an exotic, laid-back and photogenic island perfect for romantic and period films. It also has one of the best tax regimes in Europe
  • Milk This Buffalo

    Two super locales in the State of New York vie for the attention of filmmakers with versatile backdrops and the Niagara Falls thrown in
  • Easy Does It

    Laid-back and breathtakingly beautiful, the Cayman Islands is aiming to attract filmmakers with a generous 30 per cent rebate on productions in this British territory
  • Canada Calling

    The uniqueness of Canada’s Manitoba province makes for a refreshing filming destination. It also offers the best tax credit in the country
  • Nurse This Hanover

    Discover two home-grown German regions that will floor the filmmaker with history, landscaped art and cultural pizzaz
  • Swiss Roll

    Switzerland is a familiar destination for Hindi filmmakers but there are still plenty of locales yet to be explored. Find out why the country has an edge over its European neighbours
  • Roll, Baby, Roll!

    After fun, frolic and Calypso beats, the island nation of Trinidad & Tobago is seeking to popularise itself as a filming destination with a new incentive programme
  • Can-Can-Canada

    With its gorgeous icebergs and virgin coastline, Canada’s province of Newfoundland and Labrador scripts a unique story for the filmmaker
  • Shoot @ Sight

    Location versus budget… It’s a filmmaker’s eternal dilemma. Rohini Nag brings you a few fabulous destinations that don’t pinch.
  • Italian Itch

    The Friuli-Venezia Giulia region Italy tempts with fresh and varied natural locations and a generous funding programme
  • Coastal Catch

    Known for its sapphire waters and golden sand, Thailand is a popular destination for Hindi filmmakers. It’s economical and offers a colourful canvas of locations
  • Call Of The Wild

    Raw, rugged and historic… The US state of Colorado is a one-of-a-kind destination for filmmakers