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Location Hunt

  • Great Outdoors

    Wyoming beckons filmmakers looking for backdrops with adventure sports and a beautiful, rugged terrain
  • Going Dutch

    The Netherlands is a land of castles, windmills and medieval magic contrasting with ultramodern architecture and a picture-postcard natural landscape – every element mouthwatering for filmmakers
  • Picture Perfect

    Other than its stunning gardens, Victoria in Canada’s British Columbia is also a perfect mix of traditional English culture and a youthful lifestyle, which gives it a chameleon-like quality for film s
  • Caribbean Caper

    Apart from a vastly changing terrain every few kilometers, the Dominican Republic is the ideal choice for film shoots due to whopping financial incentives
  • Ice Queen

    Its USP is its stunning and varied landscape, ranging from glaciers to volcanoes, thermal springs and lava fields.
  • Life’s A Beach

    The Philippines not only has a stunning array of beaches, it also has one of the richest marine environments in the world.
  • Czech It Out!

    Bohemia in the Czech Republic is perfect for filmmakers looking for historical backdrops ranging from medieval to gothic to baroque and renaissance
  • A River Runs Through It

    Dublin, one of the oldest cities in Europe, has retained its historical and cultural charm over the years and at the same time, it offers trendy bars, elegant restaurants and stylish cosmopolitan shop
  • Sunny Side Up

    The province of Carinthia in Austria has clear lakes, majestic mountains and sunny weather, making it a postcard-perfect destination for film shoots
  • Of Counts & Castles

    With charming castles, monasteries and old villages, Romania offers the best of culturally rich and remote locales
  • Small Wonder

    Thanks to extremely easy permit facilities, unparalleled beauty within a small radius and several other cost-effective means for filming, Bulgaria is fast gaining popularity as a preferred shooting lo
  • Italian Idyll

    A world-class destination for tourists, Italy also has a lot to offer filmmakers, in terms of locations that range from heritage sites to lush countryside, quaint markets, art galleries, water bodies