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Look Ka Dum

The look and performances are what make an actor a hit in a film, right? And Salman Khan is taking that very, very seriously. Why else would he change his look in every film he’s currently doing? Only a few days ago, he revealed his look in Dabangg through a social networking site.

And Anees Bazmee, who’s directing his next film Ready, has decided to reveal Khan’s look in this film through our magazine. So here’s Salman Khan’s as he appears in two of his forthcoming movies.
PS: Ready is a remake of a South film with the same title but Anees Bazmee has re-written the script. Reason: “We’ve changed the Hindi version of Ready drastically, and for the better. The hero in the Telugu film was 19 and a college student. Salman wasn’t comfortable playing a character that young,” says Bazmee.

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