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Look Who’s Watching

It takes all kinds to make the box office buzz. Check out these unique categories of movie-goers


The Classes – The ones who prefer The Lunchbox over Dabangg, Shakun Batra over Rohit Shetty and PVR Gold Class over the Stalls at Chandan right next door.

The Masses – The ones who want Jism 3 to be Jism 3D, like Sunny Leone as much as the y liked Sunny Deol a decade ago and can’t contain their excitement when Salman Khan’s shirt comes off!

The Intellectuals – The ones who like to fish out meaningful thoughts from every film.

The Pseudo-Intellectuals – The ones who try to fish out meaningful thoughts from the most meaningless films.

The Connoisseurs Of Art – You heard someone say how lovely Rahul Bose’s The Japanese Wife was, didn’t you?

The Butterflies – The last film they saw in a cinema was Baahubali – The Conclusion. Netflix, Amazon, Pirate Bay and HBO ha ve been their entertainment avenues since then.

The Loyalists (the endangered species) – They watched Aap Kaa Surroor - The Moviee, The Real Luv Story, RGV Ki Aag and No Smoking in a cinema hall. Yes, they actually did (includes me, please don ’t judge me for this!)

The Jabra Fans – Tubelight lit up at the box office and scored a century courtesy these rock stars! They are the ones every film exhibitor works for!

– A different section of the audience that watches movies in theatres

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