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"Looking forward to get much bigger roles....," shares Ginny weds Sunny actor Sanchita Puri

Actor Sanchita Puri talks to Rani Bohra about marking her Bollywood debut with Ginny weds Sunny, sharing screen space with Yami Gautam, Vikrant Massey and her upcoming projects.  


Q1)How was the feeling and what went on your mind when you watched yourself, marking your Bollywood debut?

I had really mixed feelings about it coz on one part i was very excited that i am gonna see my self on that bigger screen watch myself act on that you know that cinema halls screen and that feeling was again very different but then i was watching myself in bedroom on my room TV that was a very mixed kind of a feeling for a Bollywood debut but then i was happy with the fact that i am the part of Netflix original film and i am doing my debut with it. 


Q2)How important it is to get the first film right because it is almost like, ‘first impression is the last impression.”

I truly believe that first impression is the last impression and work gets your work. So, if you are good in your first film and people like your screen presence, it gets easier to make a mark and get good roles.


Q3)How much do you relate yourself to 'Prerna'?

My character, Prerna, is almost 70% of my real self. She’s fashionable, smart and intelligent. The character is also intimidating, which is very different from my real self. 


Q4)You got to share the screen space with two powerhouse performers, Yami and Vikrant, Was it daunting initially?

Yes, it was daunting when we started because initially, my scenes were with Yami. She’s a really talented actress and has been in the industry for almost a decade. I was feeling that she’s been so good at her work and this is my first film, so I was nervous about my performance. Later, I had scenes with Vikrant. He made things really easy for me. He was supportive and nice, and ensured that he was comforting. The director was very sweet, too. I was very excited on the first day, but when we started shooting, it was a bit daunting for me but later on it was all fine. We gelled really well. 


Q5)We have seen you in many web shows and you were too amazing. For your Bollywood debut, what extra efforts did you put on?

Till now i have been offered the supporting character in web shows i feel 

every character n role is important and they add on to a story but been in supporting roles till now i have done my best and looking forward to get more bigger roles to come my way and i love to push my limits n try put extra efforts in whatever scripts i get so looking fwd to get much bigger roles and lead roles to play in the Bollywood commercial film industry.


Q6) How different is life now after Ginny Weds Sunny?

People know me now from my work, i have got so many calls n messages that they saw me in the film, but the best part was they loved my performance and they want to see me more in films, they loved my screen presence and characters as Prerna in the film. It was so overwhelmed with the response n love i have got.


Q7)What's next on the plate?

I can’t talk about them right now. But there are a few projects lined up, but things have been slow because of the pandemic. I’ll make the announcement soon. Things had suddenly slowed down because of the pandemic situation, but when the release date was announced and Ginny Weds Sunny released, there was suddenly a lot of freshness around. I started getting a lot of messages, where people appreciated my performance and said that they wanna see me in lead roles and bigger roles more on screen. The role which has bigger screen times was really overwhelming that audience really like my screen presence and my acting performances I’m happy that people are noticing me and they see that capability in me. Such love is warming.

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