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Titas Chowdhury talks to lyricist duo Rashmi-Virag, who give us a sneak peek into their songs in Simmba and the great rapport they share

Wife and husband Rashmi-Virag are slowly becoming one of the most credible names in the music industry. The lyricist duo are known for penning some of the most mellifluous ballads such as Humari adhuri kahani, Tumhe apna banane ka and Bol do na zara, among others. The latest project in their kitty is Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan starrer Simmba.

Giving us a sneak peek into the songs, Virag says, “One of the songs is a romantic track. The album of Simmba makes for a very good mix of romantic songs and party and peppy numbers. The songs that we have written will touch your heart.”

This is the second time they are collaborating with music composer Tanishk Bagchi. Talking about the experience, Virag says, “Tanishk has done a fabulous job. He is a great guy. His sense of phonetics is extremely strong. He is very clear as to how a song should be in terms of both lyrics and music. He is way ahead of his time in terms of the way he designs his music. He is very talented and his journey has only just begun. I am a big fan of one of his original compositions, Bolna from Kapoor & Sons. The best part is that he is a team player. He is very open about ideas and suggestions. He is also very quick.”

Rashmi fondly adds, “Working with him was great. He is a great composer. These days, everyone wants to work with him, and we were lucky that we got that chance.”

Asked about what makes them one of the first choices when it comes to writing love songs, Virag chuckles, “We have always got romantic and soulful songs. We are married to each other and so the romantic songs that we write come out really well. Maybe that is the reason.”

Singles have reentered the Hindi music scene today but the medium has never made a difference to this duo. “It has never occurred to us whether it is a single or a film song. A song is a song, whether or not it is for a film. There is not much of a difference,” Virag remarks.

Shedding light on their process of working on songs, Virag explains, “Whenever a composition comes along, we both listen to it together. We have always got the music first. We write the lyrics after we have heard the music.”

Rashmi and Virag are excited to venture into diverse genres of music. “If we are given the opportunity, why not? We would love to explore something new. That would add a lot of variety to our discography,” Rashmi says.

How do they resolve their creative differences while working on a song? “We are very similar. We have no problems when we work together because we understand each other very well,” she says.

The duo are keeping their upcoming music projects under wraps as they anticipate the launch of their songs from Simmba. Meanwhile, they plan on starting an NGO for girl children. “My wife and I are planning to open an NGO for the education of the girl child. We will be providing free education and books to underprivileged children. We are trying to get the programme in place,” Virag signs off.

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