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Love Ka Tadka

What’s It About
The story is about Aditya (Sammir Dattani) who is an executive in ‘Easy Finance Company’. Aditya’s life revolves around Vicky (Bakhtiyar Irani) and his corrupt boss, Jholu Ramani (Rakesh Bedi), till he meets Sonia (Nauheed Cyrusi) and falls in love. He lies to marry her. After marriage he and Sonia buy a flat in a posh locality to convert Aditya’s lie into a reality. The problem arises when they realise that non-vegetarian food is strictly prohibited in the society. They, being hardcore non- vegetarians, try to follow the vegetarian lifestyle but everything turns topsy-turvy when Sonia’s father (Satish Kaushik) visits them and demands non-vegetarian food. The couple has to smuggle the banned food items into the house and keep the balancing act between Sonia’s father and the society members.

Star Value
Sammir Dattani, after working in Mukhbiir (2008), which did not do well, gives another dud performance. Nauheed Cyrusi overacts a lot to portray a chirpy Punjabi girl. Satish Kaushik is the only saving grace in the film. But a bad script leaves little room for him too. Vrajesh Hirjee looks tired. Bakhtiyar Irani needs to sharpen his acting skills.

Technical Expertise
Both the script and screenplay are very weak. The situations are written and picturised in very immature manner. A lot of liberties are taken like, though Aditya lives in a dingy chawl, the interiors are very plush. The dialogues have a very local Mumbai feel. The plot is weak and so is the presentation. The climax is predictable. Costumes, especially of Nauheed Cyrusi, are very loud and redundant.

Director’s Cut
The direction by Rajan Waghdhare is very weak and childish at times.

Box Office
Love Ka Tadka has poor prospects

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