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Love U Family

Banner: Khushi Motion Pictures

Producers: Vipul Diwani, DS Bhatia 

Director: Sachindra Sharma

Cast: Salman Yusuff Khan, Aksha Pardasany, Manoj Joshi, Shakti Kapoor, Kashyap

Writer: Sachindra Sharma

Music: Vishnu Narayan, Naresh Karwala, Tannmay Pahwa, Roby Badal

This film is an excellent example of how content and scripting can make or break a film. The basic premise of the story is impressive but when conceived on the silver screen, the final product does not impress as much as it could have.

The story follows Khushi (Aksha Pardasany), who after being appointed as CEO of her company, gives credit to her family for her success. Her father Dhiren Devani (Manoj Joshi) believes that daughters are the honour of a family. Soon Khushi meets Avi (Kashyap), who works with her and falls in love with her as well.

Khushi shows no interest in him due to a bad experience in her past. In a flash, we are introduced to a college-going Khushi who is in love with Raj (Salman Yusuff Khan). Khushi elopes with Raj and looks forward to living happily ever after. But things don’t turn out that way for her.

Belonging to a rich family, Khushi finds it hard to be with Raj, who has no money to speak of. Even though she tries her best to fit into her new life, her ambition to study further is wrecked by Raj. Her marriage starts to get complicated and soon she gets pregnant. While Raj wants her to get an abortion, Khushi has their child. But when her marriage becomes irreparable, Khushi leaves Raj and moves in with her parents. How the film unfolds takes the story forward.

Directorially, Sachindra Sharma brings us a story with a message. He has done his homework while constructing the narrative but lack of conviction on the actors’ parts results in a mediocre affair. Editing could have been sharper. With a run time of 137 minutes, the film could have easily been trimmed by 20 minutes. Cinematography is average. Music and background score go well with the narrative. Locations and costumes are apt.

Performance-wise, the film is a total letdown in the acting department. Apart from senior actors like Manoj Joshi and Shakti Kapoor, none of the other actors justify their parts. Joshi carries the style and flair of his character with ease. Kapoor plays his part to perfection. Salman Yusuff Khan is okay in his role. Aksha Pardasany only partially succeeds but does a decent job. Kashyap needs to work much harder on his acting skills. The rest of the cast plays their respective roles well.

Verdict: Dud.

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