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Maadathy to world-premiere at the Busan International Film Festival 2019

Golden Ratio Films (GRF), a film production and distribution arm of Singapore-based Media Investment entity Vistas Media Capital (VMC), co-produces Maadathy – an unfairy tale, a Tamil independent feature film. This is their first production to enter the Busan International Film Festival for a world premiere screening. Golden Ratio Films has previously produced feature as well as commercial films in various genres and languages such as Hindi, Marathi and Tamil.

This film is a tale about a young girl who grew up in an oppressed caste, the 'unseeables' and how she refused to be defined by her birth identity and came to be immortalised as their local deity, Maadathy. The film reflects on caste, gender, violence, faith that are embedded in the culture and adapts a style that makes it a contemporary fairy tale. Directed by filmmaker Leena Manimekalai, this feature film is a mix of drama and mystery.

Co-Producer Piiyush Singh said, "We are extremely delighted and pleased to announce that the film is going to witness its world premiere at the Busan International Film Festival 2019. This is an ideal platform to showcase the beautiful story that Leena has captured through the film. It is an attempt to highlight the struggles of an oppressed community and generate awareness about the same in the mass audience through one of the finest film festivals of the world.”

Director Leena Manimekalai said "Korean Cinema has always been a guiding light for me as an independent filmmaker. So, It is super thrilling to be starting Maadathy's journey from Busan, South Korea the land of remarkable cinema.And a world premiere at Busan will definitely bring the deserving visibility to the tale of the oppressed, the un-seeables, what Maadathy stands for. I am bursting with gratitude for my crew, cast, coproducers and each and every crowd funder for pinning their hopes on Maadathy”

Busan International Film Festival is to take place from October 3 - 12 in Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea.

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