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Wanted (Rs 61 cr), Dabangg (Rs 140.25 cr), Ready (Rs 119.82 cr), Bodyguard (Rs 148.17 cr) and now Ek Tha Tiger (Rs 178 cr and still counting). Box Office India attempts to know what makes Salman Khan the box office king

No actor enjoys the kind of fan loyalty as you do. What would you attribute it to?

I do not think about these things. My focus is on giving a little more to viewers with each film I do. Ticket prices are rising every year and I feel viewers should get more if they are paying more. I’m happy viewers are enjoying these films.


How important is it to lock the ‘right’ release date?

First, it is important to get the film right. Once that is done, a long weekend or a public holiday can only help.


With Salim saab having written many of the most iconic films in Indian film history, Would you say that you have grown up getting a master class in what the audience like, courtesy your father’s films?

Spending time with dad is like attending a film university.


How important are action, comedy and music in our films?

Songs are an important part of our films. Every Indian film is a musical. Maybe we can learn action from the West but we can teach them a thing or two about musicals.


You are quite active on Twitter. What are your thoughts on social media as a means to connect directly with fans?

Social media is a great way to stay in touch with what fans are saying.
I enjoy my interaction with fans on
social media.


How important are box office numbers to you? Do you track the collections of your films?

My job ends with the release of the film. After that, the audience takes over. I get feedback in person, on phone and via social media. I don’t track the numbers. There are plenty of guys like you to
do that.

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