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The Paris Images Trade Show honoured India this year and showcased new financial incentives for productions that film in France

For the fourth consecutive year, the Paris Film Commission organised the Paris Images
Trade Show (PITS), held between January 25 and February 1, in Paris. The event brought together five events in one week in order to promote the French audio-visual and cinematographic industry.

Created in 2014, PITS aims to develop synergies between the events gathered within this initiative and professional organisations and partner associations, to better highlight the knowhow of technicians in French cinema and to offer them international visibility.

Last year, the Paris Images Trade Show drew more than 8,000 visitors from around the world, where professionals and the general public met for panel discussions, conferences, case studies and film premieres.

Thus the focus of the summit was divided into categories and this year’s edition was streamlined over one week, taking in a Digital Summit (January 25 to 28), Paris Images Cinema (January 25 to 27), the Micro-Salon (January 27 to 28), Paris Images Pro (January 31 to February 1) and Location Expo (January 31 to February 1).

The fusion of these events, independent in their organisation, aimed to promote all the professions in the film industry, as well as the French territory and the financial solutions created in order to attract film productions to be made in France.

This year’s edition honoured India as its guest country and focused on promoting Paris as a destination for shooting. The previous three editions through consecutive years focused on Germany, China and South Korea.

On honouring India as its guest country this year, Olivier-René Veillon, DG, Paris Film Commission said, ‘Paris and other parts of France have many untapped locations which are scenic in the truest sense. France has been an important co-production partner for Indian films for years. Independent films formed the majority of co-productions but in recent years, we have witnessed a change in scale.

“First, the international success of The Lunchbox is the perfect testimony for it but more and more important production houses from India and France are starting ambitious projects with international goals. With a recent big film like Befikrebeing shot entirely in Paris, we see a huge opportunity for us to partner with more Indian producers,” he said.

The trade show was categorized as follows: All aspects of digital creation with the Paris Images Digital Summit; film sets and other shooting locations with the Paris Images Location Expo; new streams of communication with Paris Images Pro; diversity in technical and artistic sectors as well as diversity in coproduction with the Paris Images Cinema – L’Industrie du Rêve; and technological innovations with the Micro Salon AFC.

The Paris Images Trade Show offered an international showcase to a dynamic industry, creating highly-qualified jobs whose competitiveness is reinforced by new national and international tax rebate schemes.

Paris Images Digital Summit (PIDS) is dedicated to all aspects of digital creation, crossing creative, technical and financial concerns of a sector in constant evolution. India being the country of honor special events included a tribute to Shah Rukh Khan’s Indian VFX company Red Chillies. Team Red Chillies VFX showcased the VFX behind the film FAN.

Paris Images Cinema – L’Industrie du Rêve continued to reflect on the role of France in the production and making of foreign films through the work of producers. This year, the event saw Indian and French producers, filmmakers and technicians debating, along with many films made by a French-Indian collaboration. The theme of this edition was the return of experiences on a film of an Indian-Bollywood movie shot entirely from April 2016 to June 2016, for the first time in Paris and in France:  Yash Raj Films’ Befikre directed by Aditya Chopra and featuring Vaani Kapoor and Ranveer Singh.

The 77-day shooting schedule for the film in France is one of the direct consequences of the improvement in international tax credit in January 2016.This system, which concerns films of foreign initiative, all or part of which are produced in France, is awarded by the National Film Center (CNC). It allows deducting 30 per cent of the expenses of such films in France and can reach 30 million euros. 

Befikre brought France 8 million euros and a total of 140 French professionals were hired, technicians in the majority along with stuntmen, extras and dancers. The French origin technicians hired by Yash Raj Films for the film were the production designer, photo director, sound engineers, electricians, camera assistants, make-up artists along with 2,750 extras. Indian cinema was also featured in the program of films screened.

Micro Salon Afc, an area dedicated to sound: all areas of expertise of film production with over 60 association member companies were present at the do. This year, the summit was dedicated to new meetings and new discoveries. Over 60 association member companies were at this event.

Paris Images Pro this year presented audio-visual professionals who face the upheavals of digital transformation, a platform with conferences that combined prospective views with practical feedback.

Location Expo was one of the leading events and a one-of-its-kind in France. It allowed various sites as well as local authorities in the Ile-de-France area, alongside other French regions, to present their filming assistance policies. This year, the event saw a number of regional film commissions coming under one roof.

The participating film commissions included the Normandy film commission, Britain film commission, Agence Film Meeting, Office Home Shootings of Loire, Bureau Great Eastern Region, Commission Auvergne Film – Rhône – Alpes, Film Commission Occitan/Pyrenees Mediterranean Film France, Pictanovo, Images in Hauts-de-France and Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

More than 120 exhibitors attended this year, to showcase established and iconic locations in Paris including the Palace of Versailles, Eiffel Tower and Le Louvre Museum. The Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Justice and other high-profile players too participated, to promote their locations for filming purposes.  The event alone saw more than 2,500 registered visitors. 

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