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Making A ‘Mis-tech’...

Rithvik Dhanjani tells Suranjana Biswas, it was so much fun to work in ALTBalaji’s Galti Se Mis-Tech

What was the brief given to you about the story and your character?

It is the story of a couple and a technological mishap in their lives. It is a short format web series, where each episode is around five minutes long. It is a quick binge-watch. Basically, it is a story of technological mishaps we are familiar with in our daily lives. There is a funny take on every mishap and how the characters, Dhara and Shivam, end up doing it. The first episode is about a mishap that happens on Facebook with Shivam and how it makes his girlfriend Dhara mad at him.


Do you relate to Shivam in real life?

I am actually not like Shivam at all. I don’t make tech goof-ups like he does. The moment I make a mistake, I rectify it. I am very aware and careful about what I do on social media. Shivam is very careless, because he is lazy.


We have seen your comic side on TV and on stage as well. What was it like to embrace comedy again?

Comedy is the most difficult thing to do. It is not easy to make people laugh. I have been waiting for a while to do something good. The only reason I moved on to this is that the script was hilarious. 


How has the response been so far?

People loved the trailer a lot and everyone wants to know what the series is about. Since it is a short format web series, you do not have to take much time out to watch it.


What was the shift like for you, from TV to the web platform?

Honestly, as an actor, I am offered a job and I don’t really think about the platform. I liked the script and hence I picked up the show. You have a good director, a script writer and it is a set where I have to perform.


How was the dynamic on the sets?

It was really fun on and off the sets. Anita (Hassanandani) and I have been friends for the longest time. It wasn’t really all that difficult for us to play a couple on screen. It was a beautiful experience.


What is next on your slate?

Only time will tell. I want everyone to watch this series first and then we will talk about other projects that will come up.


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