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Mamangam: Mammootty talks about preparing for a character with no reference point

Mamangam is Malayalam cinema's biggest film. The multi-lingual film is one of the most expensive films made in Malayalam cinema. Box Office India had the opportunity to meet the Megastar and talk to him about the film.

Talking about the character Mammootty said, "He is very mysterious. He suddenly disappears from one mamangam and appears just before the next one. He is not around during the time between the two mamangams. We do not know what happens between the two events. He appears in a different face and a different look before the next mamangam. That prevents people from recognising him. So you will see that his identity is not revealed anywhere in the film. Somewhere someone calls him using his surname. His relationships will surface eventually as you watch the film but we do not want to reveal that now."

Mamangam is a period film set in the 1600s. Though this is not the first time the actor is doing a period film, it is always a challenge to prepare for a character for which there is no reference point. When asked about it, he said, "You have to plan these things keeping something in mind. That happened when I was doing Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar also. I have not seen him and there was no footage available of his younger days. When we enact fictional characters, we have to chalk out and fix certain things beforehand, such as the mannerisms and way of talking, after consultation with the director. If he says something, we have to follow it. The same thing happened here." 

Mammootty also said that for a film of this scale it was of course about putting faith in the work, but at the same time it was about a whole lot of effort, time, energy and dedication. "I need to put these things into every film that I do, not only this film," he said.

Produced by Venu Kunnappilly under the Kavya Films banner, Mamangam is directed by M Padmakumar.

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