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Marvel head-honcho Kevin Feige confirms The Eternals will have a gay character

With the Phase IV of the Marvel Cinematic Universe already announced, Marvel Studios head-honcho, Kevin Feige has said in an interview with an American chat show that the future of Marvel films will have more inclusivity.

He spoke about the inclusion of characters from the LGBT community, confirming that after Tessa Thompson’s character of Valkyrie in Thor: Love And Thunder, the second day character will be seen in The Eternals. He said, “He’s married, he’s got a family, and that is just part of who he is.” Feige did not mention which character it will be in this multi-starrer which stars Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Kumail Nanjiani, Brian Tyree Henry and Richard Madden along with the recently revealed new entrants, Game Of Thrones star Kit Harrington as Dane Whitman, Gemma Chan, who was seen in Captain Marvel, as Sersi and Lauren Ridloff as Makkari, who will be the first deaf superhero in MCU.

Earlier, Tessa Thompson whose character in the upcoming Thor franchise will be gay, gave a statement on this attribute of Valkyrie and said, “As new king, she needs to find her queen. She has some ideas. I'll keep you posted.”

The Eternals is about how universe created an immortal race and sent them to Earth so that they can protect humans from the threat of advanced humanoids called The Deviants. It will be directed by Chloe Zhao.


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