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Matto ki Saikal starring Prakash Jha goes to Busan

The world premiere of Matto ki Saikal directed by M Gani, produced by Sudhirbhai Mishra and starring filmmaker Prakash Jha, Anita Choudhary and Aarohi Sharma will be held at the 25th Busan International Film Festival in South Korea which is scheduled for October 21-30 this year.

The story of the film is about how a family struggles to buy a new bicycle that is so vital for their lives. Apart from the Venice festival, Busan is the only film event of this scale that will be held offline this year, since the dangers of the coronavirus are still so much in the spotlight.

S Ghani said, 'I extend my heartfelt thanks to the selection committee of the prestigious Busan International Film Festival and to Mr Prakash Jha who stood by me and believed in the story. I was fortunate that I had a wonderful team which made this film possible and I thank each member associated with the film.  I am humbled that an original voice from a rural heartland India has been noticed at an international coveted platform…’

Prakash Jha commented, ‘I was surprised when they approached me for playing Matto! It is a beautiful story, almost heartbreaking.. but Matto is completely opposite to what I am in real life!’ 

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