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Rajeev Khandelwal talks to Suranjana Biswas about his latest web series Haq Se on ALTBalaji

Haq Se, Season 1, received a lot of appreciation. 

Yes, the series was shot in one go. There was no break while we were shooting. All the episodes will be dished out to the audience in the fisrt season. My character in the series will see a natural progression. 


Do you relate to this character in real life?

I always relate to the characters I play, because the characters I play are very real. There is always something or the other about them you can relate to. It could be the way they think, act or react. The characters I have played and that have worked with the audience are the ones which I could identify with. Similarly, my character in the show could be the most ideal person and at the same time the most painful character. Our attitude is driven by circumstances. As long as these things are followed, the characters become relatable.


Your chemistry with Surveen Chawla is being talked about a lot since the show went on air. Can you tell us about the dynamics of the relationship, on and off screen?

On screen, these two people are from different backgrounds who have different thought processes. So, when they meet, there is a spark. My character realises that this is the most exciting relationship of his life. Off screen, she is a fantastic person. We’ve known each other for 14 years. We made our debut with the same show Kahin Toh Hoga. She has become better, lovelier, sexier, more interesting and more talented. She is a great co-star to work with. She knows how to bring out the best in you. Since we’ve known each other for so long, we had similar approaches. We were on the same page.


You have worked in TV, films and now on the digital platform. What was the shift like from one medium to another?

There wasn’t any shift at all. I don’t pick up, lock, stock and barrel and shift mediums. My acting doesn’t change. My approach towards the process doesn’t change. The technology might change a bit like newer cameras, but nothing changes for me as an actor. My performance is for the audience, not any medium.


You were a part of Ekta Kapoor’s Kahin Toh Hoga, which was a big hit at that time. How has the association evolved over the years?

It is very professional. Whenever we have worked together, we have ended up creating something that people have appreciated and are still appreciating. I am very happy because she is a fantastic producer and creative as well.


What is next on your slate?

I have shot for a film and I guess that will be the first thing that will come out. I am also working on another film right now. 


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