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Mera Walla Chimpanzee

Who says Aamir Khan is the only actor who gives of his professional best to every film? Haven’t you heard the same of Anees Bazmee?

Bazmee was shooting for his next, No Problem, being produced by Anil Kapoor. But the shooting had been stalled for some time. Reason: Perfectionist No 2 Bazmee.

Throwing the spanner in the works is a certain chimp – we kid you not -- required for a particular scene, where the entire cast is to be present. We hear that to make the scene especially hilarious, Bazmee needs a special breed of chimpanzee found only in South Africa. And he refuses to shoot till he lays his hands on it!

So the unlucky co-producer, Rajat Rawail, was entrusted with Mission Almost Impossible. Bamzee admits with a sigh that Rawail finally pulled off the feat. “This chimp will come from South Africa and we are commencing the climax shoot from March 2. It will be a climax never seen on the silver screen before. The chimpanzee will make everyone laugh.”
Don’t think Rawail will have such a rib-tickling time!

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