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Mercury Rising

He gave the current generation their love anthem Tum hi ho. Now, singer-composer Mithoon, of Aashiqui 2 and Ek Villain fame, is back with his latest, 8-minute-long track in the silent thriller Mercury. Detailing how he came on board this project, he says, “I have never been part of a silent film. When Pen India and the film’s director Karthik Subbaraj approached me, they gave me this narrative of creating a metaphorical story which would be conveyed through dance, just like a musical. That made sense because as Indians, we connect with music the most. This was the motivation behind creating this song, which will not be a part of the film. It’s a promotional video.

To have Prabhu (Deva) on board and to create a track that is not your regular 3-minute single was very exciting for me. I keep doing my theme songs, my love songs all the time but something like this is inspirational.”

With his prodigious talent, Mithoon has seen it all, it would seem. Much to his delight, the singer-composer discovered this was not true. “I have been doing music for 14 years and have been through many highs and lows. My songs have broken records and I have seen all the awards but I look forward to exploring new territory,” says the musician of his latest track.

On how he collaborated with Subbaraj and the lyricist for this particular number, Mithoon reveals, “Karthik Subbaraj works in a very clinical way and he’s not very comfortable with Hindi. The entire exchange between him, Sayeed Qadri sahib, the legendary lyricist, and me was beautiful. We approached it in chunks. I came up with this basic thought which was Mercury sa tera pyar. We didn’t want to divulge much about the film but I was keen to use the word ‘mercury’ because it had a beautiful phonetic, especially when there’s dance.”

He adds, “When I created the first melody, Pen India and Karthik Subbaraj liked it but I wasn’t fully convinced. Still, they said it was perfect. I then made a 9-minute cut, which went for a shoot. Then Prabhu choreographed the sequence, re-edited the track and sent it back to me. I re-wrote the score according to that. The entire process was exactly as it should have been… very meticulous, very clinical, and that is how it achieves perfection.”

Talking about the audience’s expectations from him, he says, “I feel the pressure every time I enter the studio. After doing so much work, people expect something new from you. Now it takes just a minute for people to discard you on social media. There is one more song from Mercury that will release soon. It is an out-and-out romantic number, completely in my zone. I am really looking forward for that to release.”

About his future projects, the singer-composer says, “I just did a song called Lo safar for Baaghi 2. And, yes, I have already started work on Mohit Suri’s next which features Aditya Roy Kapur.”

Byline: Bhakti Mehta

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