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Mirror Game: Ab Khel Shuru

Banner: Icelerate films

Producer: Rahula Kochar and Vijit Sharma

Director: Vijit Sharma

Cast: Parvin Dabas, Omi Vaidya, Pooja Batra, Dhruv Bali, Sneha Ramachander,

Writers: Vijit Sharma

Music: Kasturi Nath Singh and Vishal J Singh

Mirror Game:  Ab Khel Shuru is a game that tests your patience. While the basic thought behind the film is good, it needs crisper editing.

The story follows a university professor Jay (Pravin Dabas), who is trying to work on his research paper on psychiatric genetics. Jay is also on medication as he is suffering from multiple psychological disorders. He is also unhappy in his marriage and believes his wife is having an extramarital affair. So he plans to murder her with the help of his student, Ronnie. Jay makes a deal with Ronnie, saying that if he kills his wife, he will approve his paper. 

However, Ronnie soon starts blackmailing Jay. In the meantime, Vikram (Omi Vaidya), a good friend of Jay, advises him to not get involved in any such plans. How Jay gets caught in his own scheme forms the crux of the story.

Debutante director Vijit Sharma deftly deals with the multi-layered story and adds interesting twists and turns to it. However, the film’s pace is very slow and it could have done with better editing.  The best part about the film is that it has no songs and no interval, thereby removing any distractions for the audience.

Performance-wise, the film belongs to Pravin Dabas. Debutant actor Dhruv Bali has performed really well. Pooja Batra, plays her small role gracefully. Sneha Ramachander is noticeable throughout the film. Omi Vaidya has nothing to do. The rest of the cast do justice to their parts.

Verdict: Flop.

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