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"In Mirzapur season 3 you will get to see more shades of Sharad Shukla," says Anjum Sharma

Anjum Sharma who impressed the audience with his character Sharad Shukla in Mirzapur series talked to BOI team in detail about his character, how is life after Mirzapur and more. 

Q1) How are you feeling on being a part of the much-talked-about show Mirzapur?

It's great being a part of such an amazing show like Mirzapur. The storyline, the cast, and just the show as a whole are amazing and I feel my character played a very important role in season 2. The response so far is positive and overwhelming. It feels nice to see how people are appreciating the show as well as my character. I feel accomplished and satisfied that I could do justice with my character. 


Q2) What grabbed you about Sharad Shukla?

When I was offered Sharad's role by director Gurmeet Singh, I was aware that this character would be used on a large scale only in season 2 even though it was introduced in season 1. The script was amazing as well as the content and I liked the character, Sharad Shukla.


Q3) How is life after Mirzapur? 

My life after Mirzapur is satisfying, nice and the kind of response I've received is overwhelming. Their feedback on the series was unpredictable and I'm grateful for everyone for loving my character, Sharad Shukla.  


Q4) Can you please share a few fun moments that happened on the sets?

 There are no fun moments from the sets to share because Mirzapur is such an intense show. There is no one goofing around and mostly all of us were so engrossed in the characters that there is nothing to share. 

Q5) How do you feel when you see Mirapur fans are copying Sharad in real life? 

I feel very happy, overwhelmed and there is a lot of gratification. It feels great to know and see that as an artist or an actor I could create something which has made people happy. I really involve and engage myself in their happiness by reading and reverting to their comments and responses. So, in all these ways I show my gratification for the immense love, respect and warmth that they have given to the character of Sharad. I’d also like to add that there is a sense of completion that you feel when you took certain choices about your character, the choices about your look. The things that people are picking up about the character of Sharad; from his haircut to the way he speaks, makes me feel really happy.


Q6) What was the most challenging part for you to play this character?

 The most challenging part to play Sharad was to get the tonality right because it was a very subtle character, he doesn’t speak much, it’s basically not a very expressive character. So it was needed to get the thought process right, the mind right and there was a lot of internalising which was needed to play this character. So, at any point of time the emotion and the thought process had to be carried all through the season. So, all these things had to be detailed and I really had to figure that out. There were a lot of sub texts and layers that were needed to be worked upon. I had a lot of faith in my approach and the choices that I made with my director Gurmeet made us resonate with the audience. 


Q7) We have learnt that as a child you always wanted to be a storyteller, then how did acting happen? 

 Yes as a child I was very much interested in story telling. My initial interest in cinema grew through the stories only and then moved towards acting. So I think yes, it would be correct to say that right through my childhood, I really used to get the detailing about each character’s significance, the build up and stuff.


Q8) If Mirzapur 3 happens? Can we expect to see more shades of Sharad in it too?

Yes, in season 3 you will get to see more shades of Sharad Shukla. Personally, I am very excited to explore more in season 3 as the character will be diversified and layered as compared to both the seasons. In season 1&2 we haven't have explored much in depth but I can promise this to the audience that they will be blown away with Sharad's character in season 3


Q9) Lastly, what are your upcoming projects?

I am reading a lot of scripts and going for narrations but, as of now, I haven’t finalized anything. Hopefully, by the end of this year, I will have something to share. Meanwhile, I am just grateful for all the love and appreciation that I am getting from all my fans.

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