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Mis-tech Decoded

Anita Hassanandani talks to Suranjana Biswas about her latest show Galti Se Mis-tech

The trailer looks extremely hilarious. What does the story have in store for us?

This story is kind of a technology goof-up in everybody’s day-to-day life. And we relate to it so much. This was one major reason I felt I had to do a role like this. It is so different, cool and it is so me. After doing Yeh Hai Mohabbatein for so many years, it was a breath of fresh air.

You have done a lot of dramatic roles. What was it like to embrace comedy?

More than anything else, I was required to be very natural for this show. I instructed everyone on the set to correct me whenever I was overacting. That was my biggest fear, that in a part like this, if I don’t look real, I would fall flat on my face. This was challenging for me.

Do you connect with your character?

I definitely make a lot of glitches technology-wise, just like the character in the show. I am a little confused whenever I use something. In that way, I am very similar to Dhara, my character. Also, for the cute, fun-loving sequences that we have, we did put ourselves into the shoes of our characters.

How was the dynamic on the sets?

Honestly, the most important part of the show is the chemistry between the characters, Dhara and Shivam. It looks beautiful because Rithvik and I have known each other for a long time. Otherwise, I think it would have been impossible to create such a great bond.

By the time you start developing the chemistry, most of the shoot is done. He is a great co-star and a great actor. There is no stress when you shoot with your friend. I just hope that people enjoy it, because we had a blast.

How has your association with Ekta Kapoor been over the years?

With Ekta, it is more like family. The minute I got the call, I wanted to do this show, I wanted to be a part of it. I want the audience to take away a lot of laughter from this show.

What was the shift like to the digital platform?

The digital world has a lot more to offer; it is a little open-minded, like for example if the ‘F’ word comes out naturally, it is just fine. You can just be yourself on this platform. You don’t have to restrict yourself too much. That way, it is way more evolved. Also, concept-wise, one can experiment a lot. I am really glad that I have done such a great show and am a part of the ALTBalaji family now.   

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