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Money Talkies : Advance booking for Satyameva Jayate picks up, single screens on a roll

Satyameva Jayate, starring John Abraham, is a full-on commercial, masala film made for the masses. Distributors across India discuss advance bookings for the film, which will release this Independence Day.  

Rajesh Thadani, Mumbai

Bookings for Satyameva Jayate picked up today compared to the last two days. It opened yesterday. The buzz around the film is very good as it is an action film made for the masses. The film will run in single screens and small multiplexes.

Ravi Machchar, Nizam

Advanced booking for Satyameva Jayate is amazing. It is around 15-17 per cent. Even though the movie is being released in so many screens, a percentage like this for advanced booking is a good number. The film is enjoying a wide release. Satyameva Jayate is for the masses and if the film is good, the classes too may come in with word-of-mouth.

Gaurav Ruparel, Saurashtra

Bookings for Satyameva Jayate opened on Sunday and it has picked up really well since yesterday. More tickets are being booked in single screens and small theatres. The buzz around the film is much more now than it was on the last two days.

Shakshi Mehra, Delhi

Satyameva Jayate has experienced reasonable bookings at small multiplexes. Basically, this film is aimed at the masses. We started advanced bookings in our cinemas last evening even though, in some places, cinemas opened their counters earlier.

Debashish Dey, West Bengal

As far as single screens are concerned, Satyameva Jayate is doing much better but that does not match the buzz around the film. The buzz and advance ticket sales just don’t add up. People are very eager to watch the movie but this enthusiasm has not translated into advance bookings, which opened on Friday.   

Jeetu Khandelwal, Orissa

Current and advance booking are doing well for Satyameva Jayate. Bookings started last Sunday. The buzz around the film is quite good as it is an action film made for the masses, so it will have a better run in single screens and small multiplexes.

- Bhavi Gathani

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