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Money Talkies: Despite weekend, numbers dip for Thugs Of Hindostan

Theatre programmers shed light on how the Aamir Khan-Amitabh Bachchan-starrer Thugs Of Hindostan is faring today.

Rajender Singh Jyala, Programmer, INOX

Day one collections for TOH were so huge that the numbers were bound to drop on the second day. But there are good chances of the film seeing a rise on Saturday and Sunday. The numbers will definitely go up. The occupancy at some places was 70-80 per cent. Overall, the numbers are good today. By the weekend, the film should collect Rs 1.5 crore-plus. 

Yogesh Raizada, Programmer, Wave

There has been a fall in Thugs Of Hindostan numbers today too. Compared to yesterday, it is a difference of 5-10 per cent. TOHis running on almost all screens. The movie will definitely be absorbed fast as there is no competition. There won’t be much of a difference in Friday or Saturday. The film might see a slight fall further. Considering the collections on Friday, even on Sunday the collections will likely be less. There is a major difference in occupancy yesterday and today so I cannot comment on how much the film will earn by the weekend. In four days, it should make Rs 1.20 crore at most. 

​Amit Sharma, Programmer, Miraj

Occupancy rates are definitely lower today than yesterday. By night I assume collections will be 15-20 per cent less than yesterday. What happened is the movie failed badly in the metros. The Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities are still holding up, to some extent, because of the Diwali phenomenon. I think today the numbers will go up to a maximum of Rs 20 crore to Rs 22 crore. Collections will not exceed this range. Tomorrow, since it’s a Sunday, there is a possibility that the film might rebound into the range of Rs 25 crore to Rs 30 crore. The impact of Saturdays is felt in the metros, but since the film has failed badly in those cities that factor is unlikely to apply. Yesterday we had a footfall of close to 40,000; today the footfall is about 20,000 so far. I don't think the evening and night shows today will take us to yesterday’s footfall. Even if it reaches 35,000, that will be a significant drop from yesterday. 

Meenu Singh, Programmer, SRS

There is a drop even today. Collections seem to be similar to yesterday’s. At most there will be a 10 per cent rise today, but no more than that. Even tomorrow there won’t be a major rise in collections. Though it’s a Sunday, people are not showing up for the film, due to the negative response. The advance bookings are not at all good for a Sunday. Since every screen had TOHrunning on it, many people have watched it. There is no repeat value to the film, if we go by reports. Ticket prices look set to go down on the weekdays, but there won’t be many people coming. 

Prasad Toraskar, Programmer, PVR

There is a drop in occupancy so far, when compared to yesterday. Things might pick up in the evening and night shows,but probably not much. If there is a rise in collections today, it won’t be more than 15 per cent as compared to yesterday. There is not much impact of Saturday and Sunday because it was anyway a long weekend. Many people watched the film on Thursday. Even on Sunday the film doesn’t seem set to exceed Rs 30 crore. 

Ashok Kavthankar, Programmer, Carnival

The way TOH has seen its numbers drop from Thursday to Friday, it doesn’t seem set to do much better in terms of collections, even on Saturday and Sunday. There will be a further fall today by 10-15 per cent. Tomorrow, since it’s a Sunday, the film might see a rise, but of not more than 20 per cent. Many watched the film on the first day, due to the holiday,so there probably won’t be any major impact of a Sunday. For Sunday, the advance bookings are not great so far, but it looks like the film will see a little jump in the evening and night shows. Saturday’s collections pan-India should not be more than Rs 25 crore. On Sunday the film might earn around Rs 30 crore.

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