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Money Talkies: Eid Boosts Collections, Race 3 House Full

Despite the fact that it was a pre-Eid day, Race 3 still managed to have the highest-ever Day 1 collections for the year 2018. And Day 2 is looking promising too. At most places, the film is playing with House Full boards outside the theatre halls. Here, a few distributors talk about Day 2 of Race 3. Read on:

Debashish Dey, Distributor, West Bengal

The occupancy for Race 3 for the morning shows is very good. It was nearly 90 per cent. Post-noon, all the shows are nearly house full, in spite of negative reviews and negative word-of-mouth. The occupancy today is much better than on Friday. The Muslim audiences were not there in the theatres yesterday because of the last jumma of the month of Ramzan. Today is Eid, so they are turning up in large numbers. Yesterday’s collections in West Bengal were almost 7 per cent of the national collections. I am assuming today’s collections in my circuit will be approximately Rs 1.9-2 crore. The collections all over India should touch Rs 36-37 crore. 

Amit Awasthi, Distributor, Delhi UP

Since morning, the shows are running house full. Not a single ticket is available anywhere. It is much better than what it was on Friday. The collections all over India should be around Rs 40 crore. In Delhi-UP, it should be around Rs 7.5 crore today. Salman Khan and Eid is a deadly combination, after all.

Ravi Machchar, Distributor, Nizam

Today’s opening was much better than yesterday’s. The occupancy for the morning shows was around 60 to 70 per cent. All the shows after 2 pm will run to packed houses because of Eid. In my circuit, the film is likely to touch Rs 1.75 crore today. The film will make approximately Rs 40 crore all over India today.

Gaurav Ruparel, Distributor, Saurashtra

Including 2D and 3D screens, yesterday’s collections in my territory were Rs 46-47 lakh, and considering the festivals and benefit of Eid, today around Rs 75-80 lakh is predicted in my circuit. Because the reports are very negative for the movie, the pan-India collections might not reach Rs 40 crore. If collections happen between Rs 30-35 crore pan-India, it will be very good considering the reports. If reports had been positive, then it would have crossed Rs 40 crore easily, pan-India.

Rajesh Thadani, Distributor, Mumbai

In Mumbai, yesterday’s collections for Race 3 were very good despite it being the pre-Eid day. And considering this morning’s occupancy of 70 to 80 per cent, the collections might reach Rs 12-14 crore. Due to holidays, yesterday’s collections were quite good, so pan-India the movie will easily collect Rs 35-40 crore.

Gaurrav Gaur, Distributor, Rajasthan

Movie reports are not as per expectations. They are very bad from everywhere. Three days will be very good due to Eid, but from Monday, the collections will fall. Yesterday’s collections in my circuit were Rs 1.78 crore with only 50 per cent occupancy. Today, it will reach almost Rs 2 crore and pan-India, the movie will make Rs 28-30 crore.

Sarang Chandak, Distributor, CP

There is a decrement in morning and noon shows as compared to yesterday. Eid and holidays don’t seem to be affecting the occupancy in my area yet. It was only 50 per cent yesterday. The impact of Eid might be felt from the 3’o clock shows onwards. Collections were around Rs 1.15 crore in my territory, so it might do Rs 2 crore today. Pan India, it seems set to do Rs 35 crore.

- Bhavi Gathani, Titas Chowdhury

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