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Money Talkies: Kesari off to great start, set to clock bigger numbers

The Akshay Kumar-starrer Kesari opened well on Thursday and went on to clock highest Day One of 2019, Rs 21.06 crore at the box office, even though most multiplexes opened only in the latter half of the day on account of Holi. We spoke to exhibitors and programmers across major multiplexes in the country, who told us that in spite of a minor dip in the morning shows today, the film will run well in subsequent shows and go on to clock great numbers across the weekend. Here’s what they said:

Thomas D’Souza, Senior Vice-President, Programming, PVR Limited

The film ran almost house full in all our theatres yesterday. Multiplexes opened after 4 pm yesterday since it was Holi. Since it is a non-holiday today, the film witnessed a dip in the morning shows as far as occupancy levels are concerned. But Kesari will pick up eventually and I am sure the shows will run at least 50 per cent capacity. So far, Kesari has grossed Rs 1.25 crore at PVR from the morning shows. By the end of the day, it is likely to earn Rs 2-2.5 crore alone in our cinemas. 

Bhuvanesh Mendiratta, Associate Vice-President, Operations and Development, Miraj Cinemas

Yesterday, the occupancy of Kesari at Miraj was more than 50 per cent and it was quite stable during today’s morning shows. Kesari is a superb film and the audience seems to love it. Films with a patriotic theme are doing very well these days and Kesari fits into that perfectly. Kesari is like a feather in the hat to that genre. The picturisation is fantastic. The film sheds light on the heroism and bravery of soldiers from the Sikh community. I believe the film will pick up extremely well with subsequent shows and will go on to do massive business across the weekend through word-of-mouth. According to me, the lifetime collection of the film will be about Rs 125 crore.

The film earned about Rs 20 crore yesterday even though most multiplexes started functioning only in the latter half of the day. I think today’s collections will be at par with yesterday’s.

Yogesh Raizada, Vice-President, Wave Cinemas

Kesari opened really well yesterday and occupancy was 80-90 per cent, which is amazing. Since it is a non-holiday today, there is a slight dip in occupancy levels. As far as the morning shows are concerned, they ran 60-70 per cent full. Considering it is a working day today, this is a good number. I think the film will earn 30 per cent less than it did yesterday. The night shows will pick up well today.

Satadeep Saha, Exhibitor, SSR Cinemas Pvt Ltd

The opening of Kesari was very good, at around 80 per cent. The morning shows today ran pretty well, at 60-70 per cent. According to me, pan-India collections today will be around Rs 17 crore, which is great. From my theatre chain, I expect the film to earn Rs 10 lakh. People like watching Akshay Kumar in patriotic roles.

Tinku Singh, Group President & CSO, SRS Cinemas

The occupancy of Kesari at SRS was about 75 per cent yesterday, which is great and the gross collections from our chain were around Rs 36 lakh. This is a great number considering that cinemas opened only after 4 pm yesterday. Today’s occupancy level is 20-25 per cent. The film will pick up and go on to do extremely well. Looking at the advance booking and number of tickets sold, it seems like the evening shows will do well, including today.

Pushkaraj Chaphalkar, Partner, Citypride

In Pune, the average occupancy for Kesari was 50-52 per cent yesterday, while it was 40 per cent for the morning show today. Collections are likely to fall today since it is a working day. The pan-India collections of the film are likely to be Rs 9-10 crore today. From my property, I expect the film to earn Rs 8-10 lakh.  


- Titas Chowdhury

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