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Money Talkies: No hope of a revival for Thugs Of Hindostan

Programmers of various cinema chains talk about the steep drop in occupancy levels and how Thugs Of Hindostan will fail to sustain at the box office.

Rajender Singh Jyala, Programmer, INOX

The numbers for TOH are very disappointing. There has been a constant drop, every day, from day one to day four. Even today there is a 70 per cent drop as compared to Sunday. The film has no hope. There won’t be any impact of the reduction in ticket prices on weekdays. Many shows are being redistributed among regional and previously released films.

Ashok Kavthankar, Programmer, Carnival

The film is a huge disaster. Occupancy has dropped to 15-20 per cent in theatres today. People are not showing up to watch TOH. As a result, theatres are giving more shows to previously released films and regional films, for which they are getting the expected audience numbers. Ticket rates for TOH have been reduced from today but there might not be any impact of this among audiences.

Yogesh Raizada, Programmer, Wave

TOH has failed badly. Even though the film had quite a big star cast, people are not ready to watch it due to the many negative reviews. The film will not sustain any longer, no matter how much the ticket prices are reduced. There is no big release in the next week, so the film will get some shows, but if audiences continue to not show up, then the shows will be given to regional and previously released films.

Meenu Singh, Programmer, SRS

Occupancy since this morning is only 5 to 7 per cent today compared to Sunday. Things are going really badly for the film. Since Saturday, theatres have started giving more shows to Badhaai Ho and they are getting the expected audiences. Other than that, the theatres will get their business from regional films. There won’t be much impact on TOH from the reduction in ticket prices, but shows will be given to the film next week too as it is backed by a huge production house.

Hiren Patel, Programmer, Wide Angle

The film’s numbers have dropped badly from its second day onwards. No one expected it to do so poorly on a Sunday. There is no chance it will sustain with even average numbers on weekdays. Ticket prices have been reduced but that won’t have any impact. Most theatres will now depend on regional content until the next big release, which is 2.0, in two weeks.

Amit Sharma, MD, Miraj

Yesterday showed how badly things are going for the film. On a Sunday, you do not expect a film like this to earn only one-fourth of what it earned on day one. If a film drops badly on a Sunday, the situation is not difficult, it is irredeemable, in my opinion. Today I don’t see the numbers touching even the double digits. Collections will drop badly. The situation is particularly difficult because there are no big releases for the next two weeks, so exhibitors will have to depend on TOH and regional movies. And TOH does not have the potential to earn much now. It’s a bad time for exhibitors.

- Bhavi Gathani 

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