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Money Talkies: Parmanu Continues Dream Run At The Box Office

John Abraham-starrer Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran opened in theatres after clearing many hurdles. But all those challenges appeared trivial in the light of the film’s performance at its first weekend, when it collected Rs 20 crore. The film, directed by Abhishek Sharma, in its first week stood steady at Rs 40 crore. Despite the phenomenal response to last week’s release Veere Di WeddingParmanu continues to hold strong. 

Tarun Tondon, Nizam Distributor
Parmanu is a surprise hit and is rock steady. The movie picked up on Saturday and earning Rs 1.7 crore on a Monday in its second week is very good. It looks like it will easily cross Rs 60 crore lifetime. It is a good film that is benefitting from word-of-mouth publicity. The movie may continue to do well even after the release of Race 3 as both films are of different genres.

Debasish Dey, West Bengal Distributor 
Parmanu has done really well in our circuit, in spite of Ramzan, in spite of the court issues it faced. The film has done phenomenally well and is still performing well. It has maintained well since its first Monday. This is Parmanu’s second week and first for Veere Di Wedding but, despite this, Parmanu has held better than the other film, in our circuit. Parmanu is already at Rs 48 crore, and with another Rs 12 crore this week, it should close at over Rs 60 crore. Jurassic World has a great hold, but Kaala has a very limited audience in our sector. So Jurassic World may have some effect on Parmanu. With Race 3, it may not continue in theatres but the movie has done very well at the box office.

Sanjay Marudhar, Central India Distributor
The movie is doing very well and should earn Rs 15 crore all-India in its second week. Yes, Veere Di Wedding is also doing well but given that the audiences for both films are different, Veere Di Wedding has not impacted Parmanu. And with no big Hindi releases this week, the film should continue its good run in its third week. Yes, things may change with the release of Race 3. The movie should earn around Rs 60 crore, overall.

Jaspal Dhingra, East Punjab Distributor
Parmanu has done well in its second week and the weekend was good compared to other movies. Since the movie did well in its first week, it was expected to continue that trend. The movie performed well at its second weekend despite the good performance of Veere Di Wedding but it may suffer a little at the end of its second week with the release of Jurassic World and Kaala. Today is going to be crucial for the film as it will decide how many shows it will get for the coming weekend and the following week. It got an open week post-IPL and it generated good word-of-mouth publicity. These are fantastic numbers for John Abraham’s film.

B H Basha, Mysore Distributor
The response to Parmanu is good and it is maintaining very well. The movie will get enough shows for its third week as well. Occupancy at the second weekend was 65 per cent and during the week, it is 30-35 per cent. Veere Di Wedding is being liked by youngsters, but since the audience for Parmanu is different, the film continues to hold strong. Jurassic World is releasing this week, but that should not affect the business of Parmanu much because there is always an audience for Hindi films.

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