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Money Talkies: Race 3 One Of The Biggest Hits Of 2018

Race 3 is here and people are racing to the theatres to book their tickets for it. The Salman Khan-starrer ensemble action-drama has already created plenty of hype ever since its trailer released and, the audience is seems to overjoyed with anticipation now that we are in the week of the release. We spoke to some exhibitors and discovered that the anticipation is only building ahead of the movie’s release.

Shantanu Kachhwaha, Theatre Owner, Anand Cinema

The buzz surrounding Race 3 is amazing. Movie toh hot hai! Since it is going to release during Eid, the film is likely to take a huge opening. It is releasing on almost every screen in Jodhpur. However, our theatre is closed for renovation. As far as the first day is concerned, it will be better than the previous movies of Salman Khan. Since the admission rates are high, the film could open to maximum numbers.

The instruction given to distributors is to earn as much as possible from the initial shows. So, the initial numbers will be high. It is too early to say that Race 3 will be the biggest grosser of the year because there are some other big films lined up for release in the latter half of the year. But Race 3 will be one of the biggest hits of 2018.

The buzz surrounding the film is a lot because it is a Salman Khan film. It is a masala entertainer with all the commercial elements like action and music. This is what his fans expect from him. Race 3 is not like Tubelight. It is far better. So I am hoping that the opening numbers will be huge. Also, Race is a brand. The quality of the film and the production is amazing. The locations are great. These elements make a difference. To top it all, the film will release during the Eid holidays. It will probably earn Rs 100 crore in its first weekend because admission rates have been hiked for the first weekend.

Sandip Sareen, Theatre Owner, Chhavi Mahal

The buzz surrounding Race 3 is similar to that of Kick. It will definitely earn more than Tubelight. The public is smart today. They know that it is a multi-starrer with Anil Kapoor having ample screen time. It is an action flick. Action flicks do very well in the first two-three days. Race 3 will have an Eid release. So, one can expect a huge turnout of the Muslim audience.

This is not an out-and-out Salman (Khan) film. We have Anil Kapoor in the film, who is as big a draw as is Salman. The initial days will be good due to the festival. The weekend will see a good crowd and great bookings. The film is likely to settle in the 150-200 crore slot. If Friday was not Eid, I would expect 50-per cent occupancy. I am taking about my theatre because it is in a Muslim-dominated locality. But with Eid falling on Friday, all the shows will run house full.

Devang Sampat, CEO, Cinepolis

The buzz around Race 3 is good. Since the movie is in 3D, people are very excited. Advance bookings opened on Sunday and it is picking up well. The buzz is at par with all of Salman Khan’s movies. It is a franchise movie. It belongs to the action genre. So, I am hoping that it will have 60-70 per cent occupancy on the first day. It is likely to emerge as one of the biggest films of the year. If the content is good, it will go a long way. The film has star power too. People are more excited about this particular Race because it features Salman Khan.

Priyanshu Gupta, Theatre Owner, Vijay

The buzz around Race 3 is due to its trailer. First, the trailer was very good, and it was in line with the kind of movies people expect to see in regions like Uttar Pradesh. Second, it is a Salman Khan film that is releasing during the festive season. The excitement surrounding the film is way more than that of Tubelight. It might earn as much as Tiger Zinda Hai did because it is releasing on Eid. Race is a brand. Once the film releases, the other films will get exhausted. In any case, they are not doing very well in the UP circuit. Any film releasing on Eid here in UP receives a very good response.

Bhuvanesh Mendiratta, AVP Operations, Miraj

Although bookings are okay, there is no extraordinary craze. It will definitely pick up because Ramzan is on right now. It is a Salman movie releasing on Eid, and what more could his fans ask for? This film will do better than Tiger Zinda Hai and Tubelight did because Race is a masala film aimed at the masses. Being a Samlan film, there will be many takers among the classes too. Every kind of movie-goer will go and watch this film.

Race 3 is a franchise and this is a definitely advantage. The earlier two movies in the Race franchise did very well and trailer of this one is looking fantastic. So there is no doubt about the collections of the movie but as far as advance booking is concerned, it is below my expectations for a Salman movie. But I believe it will pick up. The collections on the first day will be around Rs 30 crore, and Rs 100 crore on its first weekend. I believe Race 3 will be the biggest hit of the year.

Ashutosh Aggrawal, Owner, Star World

The opening three days will do very well and the occupancy will be 100 per cent by the time movie releases. Advanced and online booking are better than they were for Tubelight and equal to Tiger Zinda Hai. The buzz is good. In the first week itself, the movie’s collections should cross Rs 100 crore. Salman Khan and Eid are a great combination. I believe the collections should be more than Rs 50 crore on the first weekend. The buzz for the movie is because of the Race brand, the movie being a multi-starrer, Eid and the Salman Khan factor.

Arun Dubey, Owner, Chitra

Since this is a Salman Khan movie, the craze is very good. Right now, it’s the Eid period and the shows of the first weekend should be good followed by the week. The movie, which will earn Rs 70-80 crore in its first weekend, will be one of the biggest hits of 2018. The title of a film matters. The ‘Race’ brand has worked for the first two films in the franchise and it will benefit this instalment as well. This movie will turn out even better than Salman’s previous films plus the rest of the cast is also good.


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