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Money Talkies: Race 3 Opens Well, Could See 100-cr Plus Weekend

Salman Khan’s Race 3 hit the screens today. And despite it being the last day of the holy month of Ramzan, the film has taken a flying start almost everywhere. The first few shows in metro cities are average to good but collections are multiplying with every passing show. In fact, in Tier II and Tier III cities, collections have been marvelous. Box Office India asked distributors how the film has opened and for their estimate on the film’s day-one collections.

 Gaurav Ruparel, Distributor

The opening of Race 3 is below expectations. Occupancy was 25 per cent in the morning shows and 50 per cent during the afternoon shows but the evening and night shows should be better. The weekend shows are expected to run house full. We will have to see how movie does on Monday.

Brijesh Tandon, Distributor

The opening of Race 3 was good and occupancy was close to 80 per cent. However, I had expected more. Audiences said that the first half was weak and the second half of the film was better. They loved the climax. I expect the film to earn around Rs 30 crore today. The film might touch the 100-crore mark over the weekend.

Gaurrav Gaur, Distributor

The opening for Race 3 in my territory was very good and occupancy was around 60 per cent. I had expected this. This is the festive period of Eid and Salman Khan is a big star. That is an awesome combination. The response of the audience too is good. I assume that the film will earn more than Rs 25 crore today. Over the weekend, it might garner approximately Rs 105 crore.

Arun Mehra, Distributor

In my territory, Race 3’s opening is less than I had expected. Ticket sales are down today but tomorrow is very crucial. In our single screen, occupancy was 35-40 per cent. I imagine the film will earn over Rs 20 crore today. We have to wait and see what happens tomorrow. If today was Eid, the film would have earned close to Rs 30 crore. The collections vary according to the pre-Eid and post-Eid phase. Sunday is a post-Eid phase. I assume the film will earn Rs 70-80 crore over the weekend.

Jeetu Khandelwal, Distributor

The opening has been fantastic in Odisha. There is a local festival that is underway here that started on Thursday. It will be celebrated for three days. So people are in a festive mood. Besides that, there is Eid too. That has worked in favour of the film. The shows ran to full houses in the bigger centres. I am assuming the film will earn more than Rs 30 lakh in Odisha today. Over the weekend, it is likely to rake in more than Rs 90 lakh.

Rajesh Thadani, Distributor

The opening for Race 3 was very good, with occupancy at 40-50 per cent. It has met my expectations. The audience response is, however, very mixed. The first-day collections of the film are likely to be over Rs 25 crore and they will touch 100 crore over the weekend.

Ravi Machchar, Distributor

The opening of Race 3 was not all that great. In the 10 o’clock show today, occupancy was 15 per cent; during the 11 o’clock show, it was 15 per cent again; and at 1 o’clock, occupancy was around 60 per cent. The opening is not up to the mark. It is not just the Muslim audience who comes to watch the film. Salman Khan is a brand. Race is a franchise. From tomorrow, there will be a huge improvement but today’s collections are less than we had expected. There is not even one popular song you can recollect. This is a big letdown and it is scary. The collections will be less in my territory, which is a Muslim-dominated territory, where 50-60 per cent of the audience is Muslim. It is a commercial film, so it is likely to pick up eventually.

Balkrishna Shroff, Distributor

The opening of Race 3 was quite good, with occupancy around 70 per cent. This was in line with our expectations. Today is the last day of Ramzan. I have heard that the audience has liked the film. I think the film is likely to earn Rs 30 crore on its first day. If the film does even better on Saturday, then it will exceed Rs 100 crore over the weekend.

Debashish Dey, Distributor

The film took a good opening. Being Friday, it was more than 50 per cent.  It’s the last jumma of Ramzan, and tomorrow is Eid. So considering all these conditions, it is a fantastic opening. Day one, pan-India, should be over Rs 30 crore. Eid is tomorrow, and collections tomorrow should be Rs 42-43 crore. At the end of the weekend, the film should notch up around Rs 115 crore.

- Bhavi Gathani

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