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Money Talkies: Sanju Could Hit Rs 20 Cr On Its First Monday

Rajkumar Hirani’s Sanju’s weekend collections showed record-breaking numbers for 2018. The numbers lived up to the expectations of distributors, who say that the film’s Monday numbers too are excellent, for a weekday. Distributors across territories tell us what they expect from the movie’s Monday collections.

B H Basha, Mysore

Despite being a Monday, the occupancy was very good this morning. Last weekend’s collections were around Rs 7.5 crore in my circuit, and considering the rush for the morning shows, today’s collections will also be at par with the Day 1 collection in my area. Pan-India, collections will touch Rs 15 crore or even more.

Gaurav Ruparel, Saurashtra

Up to now, occupancy has been 50-60 per cent in multiplexes but not quite good in single screens. The weekend’s number was Rs 1.86 crore in my circuit and considering today’s occupancy, the collections might be around Rs 25 lakh. If the business of multiplexes is good today, pan-India collections will be Rs 20 crore.

Gaurrav Gaur, Rajasthan

Last weekend’s collections in my territory were around Rs 6 crore. Even today’s shows are doing well. Today, being a Monday, the collections will be around 50 per cent of the weekend’s collections, i.e. around Rs 3 crore, which is again a very good number for a first Monday. Pan-India, I expect Sanju to do business worth Rs 20 crore today. This movie is breaking records for this year.

Jeetu Khandelwal, Orissa

Today’s morning and afternoon shows are running well in multiplexes, where occupancy is around 50 per cent. The movie did very well last weekend. Business amounted to Rs 1.5 crore in my circuit, although heavy rains here compromised the business a little. Today, Sanju should collect Rs 60 lakh in my circuit and across India the figure should be the around Rs 15 crore. The reports are so good that the movie will do good business even on weekdays.

 Rajesh Thadani, Mumbai

Today’s occupancy is 55-60 per cent, which is excellent for a Monday morning. By evening, occupancy will be around 70 per cent and will rise further during the night shows. The collections will be more than Rs 20 crore across India and Rs 8-9 crore in my circuit. Last weekend was exactly as I had expected, Rs 40 crore. The movie will do good business throughout the week.

Ravi Machchar, Nizam

The business of Sanju is fantastic even on a Monday. Last weekend was unbelievable as in my circuit the movie collected around Rs 7.5 crore, which was beyond my expectations. Today, the film should earn Rs 18-20 crore pan-India, and Rs 3.5 crore in my circuit. The morning shows had 40-45 per cent occupancy today and it will rise as the day progresses.

Brijesh Tondon, Delhi-UP

Last weekend, collections were Rs 22.5 crore in my circuit and they will hit Rs 10 crore today. The numbers will cross Rs 20 crore pan-India. Overall, the reports are very good and in my territory, the night shows are almost full in many multiplexes. 

- Bhavi Gathani

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