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Money Talkies: Sanju’s Dream Run Continues, Could Hit 20 Cr Today Too

The incessant downpour has not deterred people from coming to theatres to watch Ranbir Kapoor-starrer Sanju, which released last Friday. The movie is in its first week and programmers from major theatre chains offer their predictions on the movie’s impending dream run today, even though it is a Tuesday. Weekday offers and positive word-of-mouth publicity are likely to drive the film to Rs 20-crore-plus collections today, just like yesterday.

Amar Laykar, Programmer, PVR

Occupancy for the morning shows of Sanju was around 40 per cent today. That is not a bad figure at all, considering it is a Tuesday. Those who booked their tickets in advance have turned up. The figure will increase as the night shows approach. I expect the movie’s collections to be Rs 1.7 crore today. Pan-India, they could touch be Rs 20 crore.

Rajender Jyala, Programmer, INOX

Occupancy this morning showed a drop since it is a weekday. Shows ran 38-40 per cent full. According to me, Sanju is likely to garner Rs 1.2 crore at INOX today as advance booking is decent for the latter shows. Pan-India, the film might gross Rs 18-20 crore today.

Kaushal Srivastav, Programmer, Cinepolis

The occupancy percentage is decent today and it was around 40 per cent in our properties. Due to the rain, most people have taken a holiday. This is why, I imagine, the film will earn around Rs 65 lakh at our properties today. Advance booking for the evening and night shows looks great. All over India, it won’t be difficult for Sanju to cross Rs 20 crore today.

Yogesh Raizada, Programmer, Wave

The morning shows saw around 20-22 per cent occupancy. This figure is not bad at all considering it is a Tuesday and we expect the latter shows to do much better. The rains will have a reverse effect on today’s collections as more people will turn up for the night shows. This is reflected in the advance booking figures.

Rahul Kadbet, Programmer, Carnival

Sanju will continue to earn big even today. Occupancy for the morning shows was similar to yesterday. They ran 40-42 per cent full. The rest of the shows will definitely see greater occupancy. According to me, Sanju will earn Rs 62-65 lakh in our chain today, and pan-India, the film will earn around Rs 20 crore.

Amit Sharma, Programmer, Miraj

The rains have helped Sanju’s run in cinemas. People who have not gone to work today have turned up at theatres. In Mumbai, occupancy was more than 40 per cent. From Miraj properties, the nett collection is likely to be close to Rs 40 lakh today and I am positive that the film will earn Rs 20 crore acros India today. What happens is that a lot of places give offers on Tuesdays. Due to the positive word-of-mouth, people will flock even to theatres that do not give offers.

Meenu Singh, Programmer, SRS

Occupancy dipped a little this morning and the morning shows had about 25-per cent occupancy. The numbers have been affected due to the rains. I believe that today’s collections at my properties will be around Rs 30 lakh nett. Pan-India, I think Sanju will earn around Rs 20 crore today.

Pushkaraj Chaphalkar, Programmer, Citypride

The morning shows were 25-30 per cent full, which is a good number and the rest of the shows lined up for today look promising. I am expecting about Rs 20 lakh from our chain today. Pan-India, Sanju will continue a strong run and garner Rs 18-20 crore nett. The positive reviews and healthy word-of-mouth publicity will propel its run in cinemas.

- Titas Chowdhury

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