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Money Talkies: Sanju Could Reel In 30 cr Plus On Day One

It was billed as one of the most-awaited films of the year and its opening numbers have exceeded expectations. Rajkumar Hirani’s Sanju has racked up outstanding collections across India on day one and will likely hit the Rs 30-crore plus mark today. Distributors from various territories tell us what they expect from the movie’s first-day collections.

Rajesh Thadani, Distributor, Mumbai

Sanju has taken a bumper opening and occupancy is 70-80 per cent today. The first day collections in the Mumbai circuit are likely to be Rs 12-14 crore. Pan-India, the film might garner Rs 35-40 crore. The buzz around the film is very high and the movie has generated ample curiosity among the audience.

Jeetu Khandelwal, Distributor, Odisha

The opening Sanju in Odisha is amazing and multiplexes, double screens and single screen theatres ran house full today. I imagine the first day collections of the film in my circuit will be Rs 18-20 lakh. We are amazed by such a huge opening. I had initially assumed the pan-India first day collection would be Rs 13-15 crore. But looking at the number of people turning out and at the advance booking, I think the number will take a giant leap. Across the country, Sanju might earn Rs 25-27 crore today.

Amit Awasthi, Distributor, Delhi-UP

The opening of Sanju looks great at multiplexes, where occupancy is more than 75 per cent. The numbers are, however, a little less in the mass pockets. The report of the movie is very good. The film will grow with positive word-of-mouth publicity and the film is likely to gross around Rs 27-28 crore pan-India. In the Delhi-UP circuit, the film might earn Rs 5-5.5 crore today.

Sarang Chandak, Distributor, CP

Multiplexes ran packed houses, with 90-100 per cent occupancy. Pan-India, the film is likely to garner Rs 28-30 crore. In my circuit, looking at the morning show figures, I assume Sanju will earn close to Rs 1.25-1.5 crore. The word-of-mouth is very strong too. Our expectations are very high.

Gaurrav Gaur, Distributor, Rajasthan

Sanju has witnessed a tremendous opening in my circuit, with 60-65 per cent occupancy. In Rajasthan, I imagine the film will collect Rs 1.4 crore. All over India, it might stand at around Rs 20 crore.

Gaurav Ruparel, Distributor, Saurashtra

The opening of Sanju is very good. At single screens, occupancy for the morning shows was 40-50 per cent. The figures are higher in multiplexes, with occupancy at around 90 per cent. I expect the pan-India collections of the film to be Rs 25-30 crore today. In my circuit, the first day collections will be about Rs 50 lakh.

Debashish Dey, Distributor, West Bengal

The opening of Sanju is tremendous. Except for single screens in interior areas, the figures are humongous everywhere, especially in metropolitan cities. For single screens, occupancy was 40-50 per cent. Multiplexes have seen occupancy of more than 80-85 per cent. As the day progresses, the numbers will increase. According to me, my circuit is likely to earn more Rs 1 crore and the pan-India collections should be more than Rs 30 crore.

Sanjay Marudhar, Distributor, CI

In my circuit, Sanju’s opening is extraordinary. It has seen the biggest opening of the year. The occupancy for the morning shows is 70-80 per cent, which is outstanding. The reports surrounding the film are very good. I expect today’s collections to be around Rs 1.75 crore in my circuit. Pan-India, the film is likely to hit Rs 28 crore.

-Titas Chowdhury

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